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  • Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Have you whaled yet today? It’s the new thing. Whale at the club. Whale at school. Whale in your cubical. Just don’t whale at a funeral. That would be doing it wrong. As the Vines below show, the premise is to act like a whale breaching the water behind an unsuspecting observer. Bonus Internet points are awarded for twisting in the air. Read More

  • WWDC Ticket Up On Ebay Commands The Standard Apple Tax

    How much would you pay to enter Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field that is WWDC? $100? $1,000? Well, the show is sold out so your options are pretty slim getting in — unless you buy this ticket on Ebay. Right now it’s going for $2,500, which is nearly a clean $1000 over the show’s standard $1,599 price. Chances are as news of this ticket spreads the price will… Read More