• How Twitter Can Save $50 Million: Forget TweetDeck, And Go Freemium On Its API

    I’ve been puzzling over Twitter’s recent tactical moves around their API, Ubermedia and Tweetdeck, for a few months now, and it just doesn’t add up. In fact I think Twitter’s current strategy may take them in a direction where they end up missing out on their biggest potential win. If Twitter continues to go down the media company path, without incorporating their API… Read More

  • Can't/Won't Sell, Goes Open Source, Blames Everyone

    Oh, this is rich. The Nambu Network, owners of the URL-shortening service announced today that the service will go open source on or before September 15 of this year. That’s odd since the service has now gone from completely shutting down, to trying hard to sell, to bringing the service back up so it can sell, to now going open source in just 8 days. Let me be clear, going open… Read More

  • Following The Incident, 301works Is Ready To Insure Shortened URLs

    Perhaps you’ve been following the fiasco. If not, basically the URL shortening service shut down and said all its links would cease to work by the end of the year, dealing a severe blow to users of any URL shortening service. has since recanted its decision (if only to make it easier to sell), but the problem is still a very real one: What happens if your favorite… Read More

  • Gnip Launches Push API To Create Real-Time Stream Of Business Data

    The Web is speeding up and Gnip wants to help push it along. Today, the API aggregation platform is releasing its own Push API which lets any site patch together its own version of Friendfeed or Twitter-like data stream. Gnip will be speaking at TechCrunch’s Real-Time Stream CrunchUp tomorrow on the Real-Time Business panel. Gnip lets data-consuming services like Plaxo that take data… Read More

  • Gnip Adds Facebook Data To Its API Mashup

    Gnip, a platform that helps move data around from one social network to the next, is now integrated with Facebook so that the platform can access data via Facebook’s recently launched open API stream. Gnip lets data-consuming services like Plaxo that take data from other services (like Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious, etc.) collect data from requested users pushed to them. Data… Read More

  • Zentact Wants to Turn You Into A Super-Connector (Invites)

    There is something about great sales people or deal makers that is entirely social. They are connectors, as Malcolm Gladwell calls them—people who know the interests, skills, and needs of everyone in their social or business circle and connects them together. If you are really good at this, like Sidney Weinberg (a legend who helped build Goldman Sachs), you are a… Read More

  • Gnip Takes A $3.5 Million Financing To Continue Data Unclogging Efforts

    I know this back end plumbing stuff is boring to most of you, but Gnip is worth the trouble to understand. The company, which helps ease the transportation of social content between services (like getting Twitter data to Plaxo, for example), took a new $3.5 million round of financing. Investors include Foundry Group, First Round Capital and SoftTech VC, and the company has raised a total of… Read More

  • Gnip 2.0 Launches, With A Business Model

    Gnip, the guys that are helping move data around from one social network to the next, launched v 2.0 of the service tonight. The new version of the service allows data consumers (services like Plaxo that take data from other services, like Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious, etc.) to have data from requested users pushed to them. It’s no longer “Hey, TechCrunch just tweeted. Go… Read More

  • Battle Over: Twitter Opens Up To Gnip

    Since launching TechcrunchIT we have been pounding away about open standards and data availability. One of the biggest victims of this focus recently has been Twitter, who went from being a leading light in the field, to closing everything up and now finally today have gone back to being open again. Gnip has announced this morning that they now have access to the Twitter XMPP feed, and that… Read More

  • Twitter Plays Nice: XMPP Firehose Data Feed To Gnip

    Twitter is living up to its promise to open up its data stream as much as possible to developers. While I was negotiating with Twitter cofounder Evan Williams to sit down and do a video interview at Foo Camp last weekend, Gnip founder Eric Marcoullier was hitting him up to give Gnip, and therefore everyone, Twitter’s XMPP “firehose.” Williams was obviously in a good mood… Read More

  • Gnip Brings Data Portability To Web Services

    Gnip is a new web services platform being launched today by the former founders of MyBlogLog (see previous Techcrunch announcement of Gnip here). The goal of Gnip is to serve as a web services proxy to enable consuming services to easily access user data from a variety of sources. Currently an application consuming user data must write-in direct support for each API for every service it… Read More