• Google Opens Inbox To All, Adds Smart Reminders, Trip Bundles, Undo Send And More

    Google Opens Inbox To All, Adds Smart Reminders, Trip Bundles, Undo Send And More

    Google today announced that Inbox, the Gmail-based mobile email client the company launched late last year, is now open to all. Until today, you still needed an invitation to use the service, though invites have long been pretty easy to come by. In addition, Google said that it will start opening up Inbox to all Google for Works customers (whose admins enable this feature for them) through… Read More

  • Meeting With The Bobs? Gmail Will Now Make Sure You Contact The Right One.

    You know how I know that we’re reaching the limits of email innovation? Because Gmail is now devoting much of its time to embarrassment prevention in Gmail Labs. The latest is another small, but useful feature that they’re humorously calling: Got the Wrong Bob? As the name implies, when you turn this feature on in Labs, Gmail will scan an email’s recipients to see if you… Read More

  • It's Watching: Gmail Can Now Tell Which Of Your Contacts Are Awake

    Gmail Labs continues to make an awesome product even better. Tonight the site has introduced ‘Sender time zone’, a feature that allows users to quickly tell if their contact is likely awake or sound asleep, based on the time zone their Emails are being sent from. The feature takes advantage of the time zone data often included in Email headers, showing a green light for contacts… Read More

  • Gmail's New Gadget Support Lets You Remember The Milk

    Last week Google announced a new set of gadgets for Gmail Labs that offer integration with Docs and Google Calendar. But perhaps most exciting (and under-emphasized at the time) was the introduction of support for third party gadgets, giving users the chance to add features to Gmail beyond what Google offers. One of the first developers to take advantage of the new feature is Remember The… Read More

  • Live Coverage Of Google Gmail Event

    Update: Our full story on Gmail Labs is here. At 1pm PST Google is hosting an event to launch a new Gmail feature they’re calling the “next evolution of 20% time.” They say it will be a change in their development process and “users will be able to influence Gmail’s design.” Mike, Mark and Steve Gillmor are on the way to the event and we’ll be… Read More