• Created With Imogen Heap, Mi.Mu Turns Hand Gestures Into Music

    Created With Imogen Heap, Mi.Mu Turns Hand Gestures Into Music

    Created in collaboration with British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, the Mi.Mu glove turns the arms and hands of performers into musical instruments. Eventually, Heap and Mi.Mu’s developers hope the glove and it software, which will be made open source, will reach a wide range of users. Read More

  • Gift Guide: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

    Gift Guide: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

    The Nokia Lumia 920 can be used with any gloves: it’s a miracle. But for the vast majority of other smartphones, that’s not the case, so there are a variety of sellers making touchscreen compatible gloves. Netherlands-based Mujjo was one of the first to try and make some that are actually stylish and durable, and they’ve been updated this year with a number of improvements. Read More

  • Mujjo Conductive Gloves Let You Slide To Unlock With Your Begloved Knuckle

    Mujjo Conductive Gloves Let You Slide To Unlock With Your Begloved Knuckle

    We get a lot of PR pitches (“Write about our social media network for fish lovers! If you don’t, we’ll take our exclusive to,” “We’ll give you a private jet if you write good things about Apple – Sincerely, Tim Cook,” “Take a look at these iPhone gloves!”) and there are few I’ve dreaded more than… Read More

  • Thanko's USB Ninja Gloves Warm Your Hands

    Are you suffering from cold hands while using your computer? You don’t think heated, USB-powered gloves are a dumb idea? Then Thanko’s so-called “Ninja Gloves” [JP] might be the right solution for you. Read More

  • For men on trains: Japanese company sells anti-groping gloves

    Groping women in trains (or anywhere, really) isn’t only happening in Japan, but this country with its big cities with trains that are full of people (=easy bait for gropers) everyday has a particularly big problem with molesters. It’s a crime, and it’s reported 2,000 times yearly to police stations in Tokyo alone, prompting a big Japanese railway operator to think about… Read More

  • Thanko doesn't stop, now sells USB cat paw gloves

    Tokyo’s best gadget maker Thanko seems to be on a roll this winter. They already released a couple of USB-powered slippers, gloves and similar crap gadgets. Their newest offering is the Nekotan, a pair of USB-powered black cat paw gloves [JP]. No, I don’t get it either. Read More

  • USB-powered gloves that keep your fingers warm (but why?)

    My first reaction – when I saw today on Thanko’s web site that the notoriously silly gadget maker from Tokyo is selling USB-powered gloves with built-in heaters [JP] – was: Who actually buys this kind of stuff? I mean Thanko is a real company, they have brick-and-mortar stores in Tokyo (two of them), they have employees etc. But they have been surviving for years now, even… Read More

  • Thanko sells USB-powered and teddy bear-shaped gloves

    More USB madness from our favorite crap gadget vendor Thanko: This time the company presents cute bear-shaped gloves that are powered by USB to really warm up your hands. And the best thing is, you can wear them and still are able to type. Pure genius. The price in Japan is $18 and you can expect Thanko to list the gloves in their English online store in the next days. Read More

  • Freehands gloves have removable finger tips for touchscreen phone use

    A quickie for those of you who own, or are about to own, a phone with a touchscreen. You know, iPhone, G1, et cetera. The guy who founded Cool Hunting—an online version of the “strange but true” section of your local newspaper—started Freehands, a company that creates gloves with removable fingertips. The idea here is that whenever you need to call someone, answer a… Read More

  • Dots Gloves for using touchscreens in the cold

    It’s not cold yet, but winter is just around the corner. Plan ahead this season with Dots Gloves. Tiny little metal dots stud the fingertips of each digit, allowing finger-less contact for touchscreen devices. It’s simple. It’s smart, and they promise it won’t scratch up your iPod or iPhone. You might want to wear these in any season, if just to keep fingerprints off… Read More

  • Swany ‘g.cell’ Bluetooth-enabled snowboard gloves

    Holy crap, these gloves are $500. In their defense, though, they’re the FUTURE! Made by Swany, the “g.cell” gloves have a “fully integrated Bluetooth adaptable cell phone in a totally functional ski and winter sports glove.” That almost sounds like the glove is a phone itself and requires no actual phone in your pocket somewhere. Whatever the case may be… Read More

  • Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves

    We’ve all seen heated clothing before but there are a couple of somewhat unique about this line of jackets and gloves. First, the gloves have heating circuits that go all the way to the fingertips. Most other heated gloves center on the palm of the hand but these ones keep the part of your hands most susceptible to cold — your digits. Read More

  • Warming Gloves Use Your Breath For Heat

    File this one under “bacteria ridden” and “disgusting”. Apparently some company named Gorgonz(ola cheese?) thinks that the best way for you to keep your hands warm is by blowing hot, stale air from your mouth into the gloves. The gloves then lock in and distribute the heat throughout your hand for killer warmth. Now call me crazy, but who in the hell wants to blow air… Read More