Two new phones coming from E-TEN

E-TEN — now part of the Acer family!!! — is coming out with two new phones. Wanna know when? Me too, buddy. We’ll find out soon enough. One will be called the M810 and one will be ca

Acer to buy E-Ten, is the aPhone coming soon?

Back in September, I explicitly and pointedly asked Acer president Gianfranco Lanci, and I quote, “Can the world expect to see [dramatic pause] the aPhone?” A question to which he emphatic

Glofiish X800 now shipping to channel partners

The adorably misspelled Glofiish X800 is making its way around the world as we speak. This is the same phone that caused our very own Peter Ha to say the following; “The spec sheet is quite impr

FCC Approves E-Ten Glofiish X800

The FCC approved the E-ten Glofiish X800 and with that approval came more details that might make you forget about dropping $700 on an iPhone or becoming a crackberry addict. The spec sheet is quite i