• FreeYourID Gives Up On Trying To Monetize OpenID

    In an e-mail to its user base and with a short notice on its main website, FreeYourID has announced that it will be shutting down its service after nearly two years and a half in business. After August 15, the web service will be discontinued without a hint of explanation about the reason for the folding, although we suspect it may have something to do with VeriSign taking over the… Read More

  • Domain Name Consolidation: Verisign Acquires .Name Guys

    Even as the number and type of domain names continues to expand, the number of companies that control all these assets dwindles. The most recent news: Verisign has acquired the London-based, Carlyle-backed company that runs the .name top level domain. The news has not been formally announced, but Verisign, which also runs the .com, .net and .org domains, among others, sent out an email to… Read More