• The new Glif smartphone mount is the smartest of its kind

    The new Glif smartphone mount is the smartest of its kind

    Launched just 18 months after Kickstarter itself, the original Glif was an early beacon of what was to come for the crowdfunding platform, with an innovative tripod mount for smartphones unlike any other. Studio Neat has taken its sweet time to launch the sequel, but it was worth the wait; it’s a marvelously clever piece of engineering. I spent some time with the prototype to take a… Read More

  • How The Glif Got Made: From Design To Sales In Five Months

    The Glif is an iPhone tripod mount. That’s it. It’s just a little hunk of plastic that, because if its unique shape and threaded mount, is insanely useful. If you’re not using it with a tripod you can easily attach it to add a bit of an angle to your iPhone for movie viewing. It’s pretty basic. But what’s cool is that it took the inventors, Tom Gerhardt and… Read More

  • Obscure Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life, You Probably Haven't Heard Of Them

    My colleagues at CrunchGear tend to romanticize my lifestyle somewhat, and are convinced that I am the most egregious hipster on the planet. It’s true that I have a scruffy chin and hang out at dive bars a lot, but if they’d spent as much time as I on the mean streets of Seattle, they’d know just how mild my hipster qualities truly are. That said, I understand the… Read More

  • Video: Making Of The Glif iPhone 4 Holder

    Got a thing for community-funded projects and injection molding? Oh man, you better get off your treadmill desk and find a stable seat because this video of the Glif’s manufacturing process is going to rock your socks. This is the little iPhone 4 tripod mount storage stand that raised $137,417 on Kickstarter. Premier Source out of Brookings, South Dakota was tasked with the making and… Read More