• Video: Toshiba Showcases Glasses-Free 3D Display

    If there’s one thing that can help 3D pave the way to the main stream in consumer electronics (apart from lower prices), then it’s naked-eye 3D screens. What’s the current situation? Nintendo’s 3DS will have one, Hitachi has shown one, and NEC has been working on it, too. Sharp prepares a model for e-readers and tablets and announced a glasses-free 3D smartphone for… Read More

  • Is Toshiba Ready To Offer Glasses-Free 3D TVs By Year-End?

    3D TVs that don’t require glasses and thus eliminate the incompatibility problem between glasses offered by different makers: that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Rumors about such TVs coming from Toshiba emerged today in various media [JP] in Japan, and according to those reports, the devices are expected to arrive in Japan by year-end. And if the rumors are to be believed… Read More

  • For the Nintendo 3DS? Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D touchscreen [Update: Video]

    Glasses-free 3D displays for mobile devices are nothing new. Hitachi, for example, started selling a 3D-enabled handset [JP] in Japan as early as last year. The Hitachi product didn’t make much of a splash, but Sharp’s new parallax barrier-based 3D display for mobile devices (which the company announced today) appears to be pretty cool. Read More