Google Opens Glass Mirror API To All Developers Even If They Don’t Have Glass

In the early days of Google Glass, everybody who picked up their unit would also be whitelisted for access to the Mirror API, as Google only wanted developers with access to the actual hardware to dev

Google Wants To Bring Glass To Optometrists’ Offices, But No Partnership Yet

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google is working with VSP Global to bring Glass to optometrists’ offices. We have learned from sources close to Google, however, that Glass does not c

Google Releases Glass Development Kit ‘Sneak Peek’ And 5 New Glass Apps That Already Use It

Today Google released the <a target="_blank" href="">Glass Development Kit</a> (GDK) as a <a target="_blank" href="

Apple Expands ‘Made In USA’ Efforts With Sapphire Glass Plant, Manufacturing Deal In Arizona

Apple has plans to build a manufacturing plant in Arizona that will extend its 'Made in The USA' efforts beyond the Mac Pro and other silicon facilities it maintains in Texas. The news came via a rele

Google Will Now Educate Glass Explorers Over Hangouts, No Barge Necessary

Google is expanding its Glass Explorer program once again, allowing current participants to invite three of their closest friends to drop $1,500 on highly experimental hardware. Hard to believe that a

Google’s Barges Likely Glass Exhibition Spaces, Lease Indicates

The furor over Google’s mystery barges in San Francisco and Portland has reached a fever pitch over the past week. According to our sources the various reports about the barges being showcases for G

Google’s Barge Likely A Modular, Floating Retail Space To Feature Glass

Google caught some attention this past week for mooring a huge barge in SF Bay for mysterious purposes. Rumors have been flying about what that barge could be used for, with some suggesting it’s

Twitter’s Silent Chairman

Last week, when Twitter’s S-1 filing dropped, the media pored over it with a fine-toothed comb, extracting every bit of juice possible from under the freshly peeled-back rind of the intensely se

Glass Theft Auto: Google Glass Hack Beams Grand Theft Auto’s GPS Straight To Your Eye

You know, it's been a while since I've written up some clever Google Glass hack simply because it was awesome. Let's fix that. Looking to test the concept of using Glass as a second screen, Android

The Upcoming Glass Development Kit Launch Will Finally Allow Google Glass To Live Up To Its Potential

The limited launched of Google Glass earlier this year was greeted with a lot of hype and the inevitable backlash, but one thing this first version of Glass didn't show yet was the full potential of t

Google Exec Departs Amidst Rumors Of Tangled Love Quadrangle

We've <a target="_blank" href="">confirmed </a>a report today that Android VP <a target="_blank" href="">Hugo Barra</a> is leaving Google

Google Offers Glass Explorers An Invite To Make A Friend A Glasshole, Too

Google is bringing more Glass Explorers into the program, and it's doing that the best way it knows how: by letting current users invite a friend. Those among you old enough to remember when Gmail fir

Google Asks Glass Developers To Start Working On Android-Based Apps Ahead Of Glass Development Kit Launch

It looks like Google is about to unleash a new wave of more powerful applications for Google Glass. Currently, Glass developers can only build apps that are essentially web-based services that talk to

Orbeus Launches Visual Recognition (But Not Creepy Facial Recognition) APIs For Google Glass

Google took swift action to <a href="">ban Google Glass applications with facial recognition

As Mobile Devices Morph Into Wearables, Keyboard Maker MessagEase Wants Your Fingers To Settle On Its Qwerty Killer

MessagEase is an alternative keyboard that uses a mixture of taps and gestures combined with a radically different keyboard layout designed to speed up text input by minimising typing movements. Its m

The First Six Months Developing For The Computer On My Face

<b>Editor's note: </b><em>Jon Gottfried is a Developer Evangelist at Twilio, co-founder of the Hacker Union, and a StartupBus Conductor. Being one of the first cyborgs in the world has meant tha

Google Says All 2,000 Glass Explorers Have Been Invited To Pick Up Their Device

Today, Steve Lee of the Google X and Glass Team, announced that as of last week, all 2,000 developers who signed up for the Glass Explorer program at last year's I/O conference have now <a href="https

Update Your Facebook Status And Comment Using Google Glass And Your Voice With ThroughGlass

We wrote about an <a href="">app for Google Glass that let you share photos to Facebook</

Open Garden Gets Google Glass To Connect To Its Mesh Network, Asks Google To Make It Available To All

Open Garden, the San Francisco-based startup that allows Android, Windows and Mac users to create mesh networks between their devices to share Internet connections, today announced that it has managed

Through The Looking Glass: What You’ll See Through Google’s Lens

I've spent a little over three weeks with Google Glass, and I've noted that the utility aspect of the device is strong, but the fun isn't there yet. It <a href="
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