• Voicetag Brings Voicemail To Facebook

    For those of you who don’t think voicemail is counterproductive, there is a new app on Facebook called Voicetag that lets you send voicemail messages to individuals or groups. This is not the first such app on Facebook (see Voicemail or TringMe), but it works with regular phones and incorporates SMS messages. The app is very simple. You select a Facebook contact you want to leave a… Read More

  • Make VoIP calls using only a web browser

    A couple days ago we received a press release for a new service named CallingAmerica, which permits you to make free VoIP calls to U.S. phone numbers using only your web browser. Offered free of charge, users are required to look at advertisements for about 10 seconds before calls are connected (AdBlock Plus worked just fine to suppress the ads, by the way). Read More

  • Gizmo punches standard VOIP business model

    The open standards based internet telephony service Gizmo Project made a drastic move today by dropping the cost to zero for all calls to any phone owned by a Gizmo user in 60 countries, permanently. It’s not quite free calls to everyone everywhere, but it’s a big move away from the standard revenue model of charging for all calls to land lines and mobiles. Both parties on the… Read More

  • Profile: Gizmo

    Company: Gizmo <img src='; alt='' border=1 / Launched: June 30, 2005 What is it? Gizmo is like skype but is built on open source. It’s available for Mac and Windows (3.1 mb download on windows), with a Linux version promised in August. A problem with Skype is that it is a closed silo – it will not… Read More