• Google To Shut Down Gizmo5 On April 3

    Back in November 2009 Google acquired Gizmo5, a powerful VoIP telephony service that allows users to place and receive calls from their computer and mobile phone applications. Today, the company has started informing users that it will be shutting down Gizmo5 service on April 3, 2011. Since acquiring the startup, Google has integrated Gizmo5 technology into Gmail/Gtalk, which has allowed users… Read More

  • Google Voice Desktop App Launch Delayed, May Be Scrapped

    When Google acquired Gizmo5, a Skype competitor, in November Google Voice users rejoiced – presumably they’d be getting a much needed soft phone on the desktop for users to make and receive calls through Google Voice. We confirmed that the application had been rewritten and was being tested internally at Google in April. Some Google employees continue to use the app… Read More

  • Google Announces Acquisition of Gizmo5. They Now Have A Soft Phone For Google Voice

    Earlier this week we broke the story about Google’s acquisition of Gizmo5. Today Google announced the deal on the Google Voice blog. They aren’t saying much other than that the Gizmo5 team will join the Google Voice team, and that new Gizmo5 signups will be disabled. One thing this gives Google – a much needed soft phone on the desktop for users to make calls through… Read More

  • Exclusive: Google Has Acquired Gizmo5

    Last month Skype was in talks to acquire VoIP startup Gizmo5. It was a perfect backup plan in case all that IP litigation didn’t work out. – Gizmo5’s SIP infrastructure could theoretically replace Skype’s proprietary P2P back end. After the Skype settlement, though, Gizmo5’s strategic value to Skype sort of plummeted. In the meantime, Google bought them, say… Read More

  • Skype In Negotiations To Acquire Gizmo5

    Litigation-beleaguered Skype is in negotiations to buy peer-to-peer VoIP startup Gizmo5, say multiple sources. The price tag is said to be in the $50 million range, but the deal is far from consummated. Other potential buyers may be looking at the company as well. Gizmo5, which was founded in April 2003, has raised $6 million to date, plus an unspecified amount from founder/CEO Michael… Read More