GitHub Copilot

GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise is now generally available at $39 a month

GitHub today announced the general availability of Copilot Enterprise, the $39/month version of its code completion tool and developer-centric chatbot for large businesses. Copilot Enterprise includes

GitHub makes Copilot Chat generally available, letting devs ask questions about code

Earlier this year, GitHub rolled out Copilot Chat, a ChatGPT-like programming-centric chatbot for organizations subscribed to Copilot for Business. Copilot Chat more recently came to individual Copil

GitHub expands access to Copilot Chat to individual users

Three months ago, GitHub launched Copilot Chat, its ChatGPT-like programming-centric chatbot, out of private preview by making it available to organizations with a Copilot for Business subscription. T

Will the power of data in the AI era leave startups at a disadvantage?

Are startups facing an insurmountable hurdle when it comes to leveraging LLMs and related technologies as effectively as their larger rivals?

GitHub Copilot can now tell developers when its suggestions match code in a public repository

GitHub Copilot has changed how developers write their code. However, it can also create issues when it creates code similar to what’s already available in another public repository. In 2022, Git

GitHub CEO: AI and software development are now inextricably linked

“AI and software development are now inextricably linked for the rest of our lives,” GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke said today during a presentation at the Collision conference in Toronto, Canad

Google launches a GitHub Copilot competitor

At its annual I/O developer conference, Google today announced the launch of a number of AI-centric coding tools, including its competitor to GitHub’s Copilot, a chat tool for asking questions a

GitHub’s Copilot goes beyond code completion, adds a chat mode and more

GitHub is announcing its Copilot X initiative today, an extension of its work on its popular Copilot code completion tool, which originally launched into preview all the way back in 2021. With this, t

GitHub’s Copilot for Business is now generally available

GitHub today announced that Copilot for Business, the company’s $19/month enterprise version of its AI-powered code completion tool, is now generally available, after a short beta phase that sta

GitHub launches Copilot for Business plan as legal questions remain unresolved

GitHub Copilot, GitHub’s service that intelligently suggests lines of code, is now available in a plan for enterprises months after launching for individual users and educators. Called GitHub Co

GitHub teases new Copilot feature that lets developers code with their voice

GitHub is working on a new tool that will allow developers to code with their voice. Announced at the annual GitHub Universe conference yesterday, the experimental feature works in tandem with Copilot

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, a GitHub Copilot-like AI pair programming tool

At its re:Mars conference, Amazon today announced the launch of CodeWhisperer, an AI pair programming tool similar to GitHub’s Copilot that can autocomplete entire functions based on only a comm

GitHub previews new AI tool that makes coding suggestions

GitHub has unveiled a new product that leverages artificial intelligence to help you write code more efficiently. Named GitHub Copilot, today’s new product can suggest lines of code and even sometim