• “Hey! VINA” Is A Tinder For (Girl) Friends

    “Hey! VINA” Is A Tinder For (Girl) Friends

    A startup called VINA is launching a mobile app today that operates a lot like a Tinder, but is aimed at women seeking new friends. And no, not friends-with-benefits or boy-space-friends, but other females who share their same interests, and who have compatible personalities. To make this work, Hey! VINA, as the app is called, doesn’t just show its users pictures and profiles, but also… Read More

  • What to get the geeky girl in your life according to a geeky girl got their top 10 hottest tech women of 2007 all wrong when they failed to include geeksugar, in my honest opinion. Anyhoo, geeksugar put together a gift guide for the geeky girl in your life and you should probably pay attention since we all know you’re scrambling around trying to figure out what her cup size is and whether she likes edible panties. To each his own, but these… Read More