• Digg Is Working On a Toolbar To Go After StumbleUpon, TinyURL, and All The Rest

    A super-secret Digg toolbar has been spotted in the wild. We tracked down a beta tester who gave us the skinny on its features. The toolbar lets you Digg or Bury the page you are on, and shows how many Diggs it has already received. There are also links to show related pages, as well as more pages from the same source voted highly by the Digg community or marked as up and coming. Then there… Read More

  • Ginx Helps You Find And Follow The Experts on Twitter

    Ginx, the third-party interface for Twitter that makes it easier to share news with friends, has added a new feature that organizes experts into groups so you follow their ongoing commentary on your favorite topics. Each group on Ginx is created and administered by a single owner who determines who the experts are in a particular field or category. For example, here’s a group of… Read More

  • Ginx Reinvents Twitter's Interface For The Sake Of Sharing

    I met up with Randy Ching, co-founder of Ginx alongside eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, this afternoon to finally get a glimpse of what their secret startup is all about. We first wrote about Ginx last month when it was revealed that parent company Peer News had raised $2 million in funding. At the time, we could only infer its purpose from Omidyar’s twitter account, which was hooked into… Read More

  • Pierre Omidyar Is Getting His Ginx On (Co-founder Status Confirmed).

    Pierre Omidyar left eBay long ago to become a billionaire philanthropist and angel investor, but he is taking on an operational role in a new startup called Peer News. It operates a Twitter app called Ginx currently in “private pre-alpha.” That means nobody but Pierre and a few pals are supposed to know about it. But Dan Primack at PEHub found an SEC filing indicating that Peer… Read More