Smart Bar: Japan Gets Another Special Android Handset

<a href="">First KDDI's iida INFOBAR</a>, then Sharp's clamshell <a href="

Galaxy Tab Seven Will Run Gingerbread 2.3.4

<img src="" />The original <a HREF="

Gingerbread Rolling Out To Galaxy Tabs?

Samsung Italia is alive with the sound of Gingerbread! It seems that the country is among the first to get the Android 2.3.3 update for the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. It’s rolling out via KIE

The Droid X Gingerbread Update Brings A Little But Welcome Fix To The Dock Clock Mode

Huzzah! I loaded the leaked Gingerbread release on my Droid X last night and have fantastic news to report. The stupid colon doesn’t blink when the phone is docked now. Gingerbread as a whole is

Gingerbread coming to the Nexus One "in the coming weeks"

Now, I have a pretty good idea that pretty much every Nexus One owner out there is overly eager for the Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) update to be pushed to their handsets. And now, in lieu of an actu

Gingerbread coming soon to AOSP, geek hearts all aflutter

<img src="" />The <a href="">Android Open Source Project</a> (known to the geekerati simply as AOSP

Google Subtly Shows Off Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) On Video, No One Notices For A Week

The original video got pulled… but someone re-uploaded it. If this goes down, hopefully we can find a more permanent source. Oh, Google Hong Kong — you tricksters. That video up above? Watch c

Nexus S struts its Gingerbread curves for Mr Blurrycam

<img src="" />Google/Samsung's <a href="">well-leaked</a> follow up to the Nexus

Twitter awash with Nexus One owners claiming to have received Gingerbread

<img src="" />Now, this is firmly in the unconfirmed basket, as the <a href="

A Tasty Game of Carcassonne

I love Carcassonne. It’s a great board game, kind of like Civilization, that lets you build little cities, farm them, and simulate a medieval zoning board. Don’t get the Princess and the D