• DumpTruck Is A File Storage System With Roots In Usenet

    DumpTruck Is A File Storage System With Roots In Usenet

    If you’re familiar with Usenet, you’ll be well aware that the newsreading platform is, well, not longer about newsreading. In fact, most Usenet providers are, by necessity, experienced data storage providers. That being said, GoldenFrog has just announced DumpTruck, a WebDAV file-sharing resource that, in the wrong hands, could end up a SOPA target. The service lets you store data… Read More

  • As Giganews Approaches 1,000 Days Of Retention, A Contest Brews

    Oh dear, another Usenet post. Quickly now, as we don’t want to draw too much to the last interesting place left on the Internet. Giganews recently hit 900 days of retention, and they’ve announced that they expect to his 1,000 days of rentention—just think about that for a second—on May 2. To celebrate, they’re having a bit of a contest. Read More

  • Giganews' Retention Has Reached 900 Days

    Look at that: Giganews now has 900 days of binary retention. And to think I actually remember a time when my ISP-supplied news server had a whopping two days of retention time! It sure made things tricky way back when. Read More

  • Mimo Usenet Browser: Now Available For Giganews' Diamond Members

    Giganews, the biggest Usenet provider around, has a new feature for Diamond members that’s certainly worth mentioning here. They’ve teamed up with Golden Frog—yes, the same people who developed Giganews’ VyperVPN service—to create a brand new Usenet browser. It’s called Mimo Usenet Browser, and could be an easy way to get acquainted with the many wonders… Read More

  • Giganews' Retention Now At 800 Days

    How did I miss this? Giganews, the biggest Usenet provider out there by some margin, now has 800 days of binary retention. A year and a half ago I wrote a similar story, but the number was 365 days of retention. Man, I remember the days when I had two days of retention! Granted, it was an ISP-provided feed, but it worked just fine. Read More

  • How to use RSS to automatically download anything from Usenet

    It’s the tree of life, and for no particular reason, either. As a corollary to Biggs’ “cable companies are doomed” article from earlier today, I thought I’d demonstrate how easy it is to accomplish what he was threatening. That is, live a happy and successful life without having to pay $100+ a month to Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV, or whomever. (Note… Read More

  • Giganews crosses the 400-day binary retention mark (but won't stop there)

    Six months ago, Giganews announced that it would expand its server capacity to 365 days of retention. It passed that barrier some time ago, and just yesterday reached the magical 400-day mark. In plain English, that means if someone posted Some File to alt.binaries.boneless back in July, 2008, you should be able to find it on Giganews’ servers. And to think, back in my early days of… Read More

  • Usenet deals abound for Verizon customers: Giganews, NewsDemon

    Come September 30, Verizon will completely drop Usenet access. (It had already been limiting access for some time now.) To that end, a number of Usenet providers, including Giganews and Newsdemon, have special deals set up for Verizon users to make the hurting stop. Read More

  • Giganews gives 50 percent off for newly Usenet-less AT&T customers

    Ladies and germs! If you’re an AT&T Broadband customer you should know that your ISP is shutting off access to Usenet at the end of the month. Why? Yup, it’s related to that whole smear campaign from last year. Some nonsense about illegal content that may or may not be there. Anyway, Giganews has a little sale for you guys: 50 percent off three months of the Diamond Plan and… Read More

  • Giganews expanding retention to 365 days (plus limited time 50% off special pricing)

    Heads up, Usenet users. We just got word that Giganews is in the process of upgrading its server retention capacity to 365 days. An entire year of binary group goodness, right in your newsreader! (That’s a screen shot of Panic’s Unison, one of the better Mac newsreaders.) Starting next week there will be a little counter on their Web site showing the race to 365. Keep in mind… Read More

  • Help Key: How to download off Usenet like a champ

    [photopress:usenethow.jpg,full,center] If and when the **AA have Usenet shut down after the piece appears, feel free to blame Biggs. He’s making me write it. I occasionally mention Usenet when talking about piracy here, but I’ve never really explained what it is or what it does. I’m still not going to explain what it is, technically, (that’s what Wikipedia’s for)… Read More