Intel doubles down on hybrid chip architecture, unveils 28 new 12th-gen Intel Core mobile processors and 22 desktop processors

CES may be going ahead as a shortened, pared-down operation this year, but we’re still seeing a decent swathe of announcements prepared for the event still coming out into the wild, in particular am

Gigabyte’s AERO 15 gaming laptop comes close to displaying the correct colors

The Gigabyte AERO 15 seen here is your usual gaming laptop, but with a twist — a color-corrected screen. Are color-corrected displays a gimmick, or do they help the editors and creatives who hope th

Gigabyte’s AERO15 gaming laptop colors me impressed with a color graded screen

Gigabyte is releasing a new gaming laptop this month, as part of a slowly growing list of gaming laptop manufacturers that care about color graded screens. Dubbed the AERO 15, it's a VR-ready laptop w

Orange Ramps Up Own-Brand Range With 3 More Android Handsets, And Its First LTE Device, Has Sights On Windows Phone

Perhaps aware of the tsunami of news that will hit during <a target="_blank" href="">Mobile World Congress</a>, we are seeing an increasing amount of news releases c

Gigabyte Unveils Utility To Allow Higher Storage Capacities On 32-Bit Systems

Sometimes things get complicated and your old 32-bit machine can no longer handle the new array of 3 TB hard drives. You see, 32-bit systems cannot easily run more than 2.19 TB of hard drive capacity

Is the Asus Rampage III Extreme the best motherboard ever or overpriced hype?

<img src="" />Moments ago, in our chatroom, I said that, if I had the money, I'd buy two Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboards: one to

Gigabyte driver enables iPad charging on 40 of its motherboards

<img src="">Charging an <a href="">iPad</a> via USB is a hit or miss affair. Some do

Gigabyte: 1 million USB 3.0 motherboards served

<img src="" />Gigabyte's USB 3.0-capable motherboards have gone platinum, as they say in the record biz. Gigabyte announced that it has sh

Another day, another e-reader: Gigabyte is working on one too

<img src="" />Revealed at CeBIT recently, we find that Gigabyte is building an e-reader of their own. Called the EB10, the new r

Gigabyte's little M528 internet notelet joins n810, S6

I liked the Nokia n810 when I saw it at last year’s CES, and now there’s a little more competition in the mid-size internet device area as Gigabyte enters the stage with the M528. Bigger t

Gigabyte M528 available for $684.99

Here’s the Gigabyte M528, reported earlier in the year to be available for pre-order at a whopping $1130. Looks like that figure has now been cut almost in half and the device is actually available

Gigabyte M912 jumps into the mini notebook pool

Here’s yet another netbook/UMPC/mini laptop/tiny notebook/lapito contender, this one from Gigabyte. The M912 sports the usual list of features found in most other devices in its class plus a few

'Smart Touch' interface for Windows Mobile

I can’t quite put my finger on it (pun intended) but this interface looks similar to something I’ve seen before. The “Smart Touch” UI by Gigabyte for its line of GSmart phones

Gigabyte M700 UMPC unveiled at CeBIT

Here’s the Gigabyte M700 UMPC. It’s got a 7-inch, 1024×600 display and comes with 2GB, standard. It’s powered by a 1.2GHz C7-M CPU from VIA and uses Vista Home Premium as the op

More and more tiny notebooks coming this year

This is going to be an interesting year. A year when a whole bunch of Asus Eee-like 7- to 9-inch notebooks are going to start coming out of the woodwork. An Everex version is coming out in less than a

XDA Stealth Sliding WM5 Smartphone Clears FCC

<img src=", and a mini USB connector. No word on which carrier will be launching it in the States (most likely Cingular or T-Mobile). XDA Ste