Gift-giving mobile app Goody nabs more capital to scale in time for the holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and just in September and October, the volume of gifts sent grew by 615%.

Sendoso nabs $100M as its corporate gifting platform passes 20,000 customers

Corporate gift services have come into their own during the COVID-19 pandemic by standing in as a proxy for other kinds of relationship-building activities — office meetings, lunches and hosting

Goody raises $4 million for its mobile app that lets you send gifts via text

Unless you’ve got someone’s Amazon Wish List, gift giving today can still be fairly difficult. You don’t necessarily know a friend or family member’s shipping address, their si

12 Gifts To Inspire The Next Generation Of Coders

Are you buying a gift for a budding coder or hardware hacker? Kids today are truly spoilt on this front, with a very wide range of specialized kit that offers to teach tech smarts in a fun and engagin

Facebook Gifts Get Charitable: You Can Now Give The Gift Of Donations To Your Friends

Facebook Gifts launched with the ability for you to buy something meaningful for a friend or family member on the social network. <a href="

How The Karma App Makes Gift-Giving Slick And Social [TCTV]

<a href="">Karma</a>, the <a href="">gift-giving app

The Watch Buyer’s Holiday Gift Guide

<img src="">A guide for watch gifts this holiday season from a watch expert. Twelve categories and sixty watches for all bu

When you want to care enough to send the best, but forget

<img src="" alt="cake-in-a-jar" title="cake-in-a-jar" />I mailed a birthday card out yesterday to a family member who's birthday w

Geek Gift Guidance

My buddy Owen wrote up his short list of geek gifts for 2008. His list includes some pretty interesting items.  I particularly liked this one: Algin and Calcic Algin and Calic are two additive ingred