Gift Guide – Cell Phones

  • Review: AT&T's Palm Centro

    [photopress:centro.jpg,full,center] The Palm Centro for AT&T is one of the better smartphones on the market today for first-time buyers, or so-called “casual smartphone users”. Its low price, familiar form factor and full QWERTY keyboard with touchscreen make it ideal for those who aren’t into navigating through messy menus — though it’s not for… Read More

  • Review: Aliph's Jawbone

    Despite Aliph’s insensitive viral videos circulating the Web nowadays, the Jawbone is a great Bluetooth headset. Yeah, I know I poke fun at you Bluetooth headset wearing funny guys, but when something works and works well, you can’t deny it or make fun of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to make fun of those that wear it in inappropriate places, but that’s… Read More

  • LG Rumor video review I was going through my things this week and I found a fairly cool entry-level phone that I never even reviewed. It’s the LG Rumor and it’s a great messaging phone — not as bulky as the Sidekick and much cheaper (about $75 with contract). I kind of miss reviewing “fun” phones like this without all the bells… Read More

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