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Review: LEGO Battles for the Nintendo DS

<img src="" alt="" />I don’t get a bonerd for LEGOs like some people I know whose names start with a J and end w

Review: Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G

Mophie’s Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G is without a doubt a must-have if you can swallow the high price tag of $100. But I’d gladly pay the extra $100 knowing that I can leave the office or my apar

Review: Samsung Highnote (Sprint)

Short Version: The $99 Samsung Highnote is a capable music phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack and built-in stereo speakers. If music’s your thing, the Highnote could serve you well.

Review: AT&T Quickfire

Short Version: The $99-after-rebate Quickfire from AT&T is an appealing alternative for the Sidekick crowd, but the promotion of AT&T’s music features without including earbuds or even some

Review: Clarity C900 cell phone for seniors

[youtube=] Quick Version: The idea behind the Clarity C900 mobile phone is sound – big keys, bright display, loud ringer, emergency ca

Review: Samsung Omnia for Verizon Wireless

First off, someone at Verizon Wireless must have been drunk or asleep at the wheel when they gave the Omnia the green light because it has Wi-Fi. Isn’t Verizon notorious for stripping that feature f

Review: BlackBerry Storm for Verizon Wireless

The ‘iPhone killer’ label (which I hate using – BTW) has been thrown around since the first touch-screen device hit the market after the original iPhone was launched last year. Unfortunately, no

Review: HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) and HTC Fuze (AT&T)

Short Version: The HTC Touch Pro is easily the best HTC device available from US carriers right now. If you’ve been considering a professional-level Windows Mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, the

Clarity announces iPhone killer for seniors

The ClarityLife C900 succeeds in so many places that the iPhone fails that it’s not even funny. First of all, it’s unlocked and, at $269.95, it’s not that much more expensive than an iPhone with

Review: BlackBerry Bold for AT&T

How can I put into words how I feel about the BlackBerry Bold? In short: I love it and never ever want to let it go, ever. For any BlackBerry user/fan the Bold is everything you’ve wanted and expect

Review: T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Blackberries? Well, I do. The Pearl series will never have a place in my pocket, but 70 percent of the population in the US who own a mobile phone carry a clams

Review: Samsung Rant (Sprint)

Quick Version: The Samsung Rant is an excellent phone for text messaging addicts who want to be able to do a bit of light web browsing over a high speed data network but don’t want all the feature o

Review: Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint)

[youtube=] Quick Version: The Motorola Renegade V950 is a good choice for people who want a rugged phone with excellent call quality and

Review: T-Mobile G1

I will keep this review short and straight to the point, folks. You know how Google likes to keep things in Beta for years and years? Well, Android is no different. Like many of you I was excited at t

Review: Nokia E71

[] I’ve been putting this one off for a while, but it’s time you youngsters learned about this lovely little device. It’s the latest in Nokia&#

Review: Peek e-mail device

[youtube=] In my humble opinion, the biggest issue concerning the Peek e-mail device isn’t whether or not it does what it’s intended

Review: Palm Treo Pro

So we return to the Palm Treo Pro, a $549 unlocked Windows Mobile Treo aimed squarely at the business set. It’s been about a week and I’ve used this guy off and on. It kept a nice charge &

Review: Sprint KATANA Eclipse by Sanyo

Also making its way into CG HQ is the Sprint Katana Eclipse from Sanyo. This too is a simple, yet effective flip phone. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s the tiny details that make this particular devi

Review: Sprint MOTORAZR VE20 from Motorola

Landing in the CG office is the latest flip phone from Motorola to hit Sprint, the Motorazr VE20. My first reaction to the VE20 is that it’s very thick, but that’s in comparison to the original RA

Review: Treo 800w on Sprint

I am not a huge fan of Windows Mobile. I am, however, a huge fan of Palm and, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m befuddled by their recent decisions. As a blogger I’m full of half-baked o
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