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TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2022

We made it! Another year (nearly!) complete. Go team! The end of the year means many things — holidays, food, family, reflection, etc. Around these parts, it also means it’s time for the TechC

The best books that startup founders read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here are startup founders' favorite books of 2022.

The best books that venture capitalists read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here we have investor favorites, and we'll follow up with notes from founders tomorrow.

Gift Guide: A few ideas for the mechanical keyboard fans

The world of mechanical keyboards is a very deep rabbit hole and it’s no secret that more and more people have fallen into it in recent years. So if you have somebody in your life who keeps talk

Here are the best books that TechCrunch read this year

While the TechCrunch crew enjoys a tweet and a post from time to time, we also enjoy reading longer-form materials. So much so that we are compiling a year-end revue of our favorite reads. This is not

7 great gifts for smart home smarties

This year was a big one for the smart home thanks to the actual introduction of Matter after a couple years of discussion and refining the standard. It’s still early days for the cross-brand com

9 high-tech gift ideas for the cannabis users in your life

Slowly but surely, state by state, the U.S. is becoming more cannabis-friendly. As the number of states where weed is legalized (or at least decriminalized) grows, so too does the number of companies

Gift Guide: On-the-go fitness tech to boost their training anywhere

Keeping fit doesn’t need a lot of technology. A decent pair of running shoes and an exercise mat might just do it. But of course sometimes a little extra tech can give an inspiring boost — so

6 gifts for coffee lovers looking to up their game

You know what I miss about working in an office? Literally nothing, apart from having access to a fancy coffee machine. It turns out that the magic of the liquid black gold is within reach even for wo

6 extremely online books to gift your most internet-obsessed friends

I like the internet. There, I said it. I spend my entire day writing about the internet, and then in my leisure time, I read books about how the internet shapes our lives. I might have a work-life bal

Gift Guide: More than 20 STEM gift ideas to inspire kids to code

All aboard the learn-to-code train! As another holiday season looms and kids everywhere start clamouring for shiny stuff, we’ve got you covered with a bumper edition of our annual STEM gift guid

Gift Guide: Picking out the right iPad

Back in my day, Apple gave us one iPad, and we had to use it, otherwise we’d go to bed iPad-less. Kids today have all the iPads. There’s an iPad for every mood and every day of the week. Big iPads

9 suitcase-friendly gifts for frequent flyers

Once upon a time, I used to write TechCrunch’s travel gifts roundup. It was a fun story to piece together, and I was more than happy to do the honors — and play around with some fun gadgets in

8 great gifts for anyone working from home

This time two years ago, I changed up my annual gift guide feature’s focus from travel to working from home. After all, very few of us were doing much traveling at the time. I planned to switch

The best Black Friday 2022 tech deals

You blinked and it is, inexplicably, almost Black Friday again. Should you buy a bunch of stuff just because it’s discounted? Probably not! Can you use it as an opportunity to save some money on