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14 Last-Minute Subscription Gifts For Your Internet-Connected Friends

It’s probably too late to order a gift for your friends or family, but it’s certainly not too late to give the gift of a subscription. They can range from actual, physical deliveries to mu

Five Good 3D Printers You Can Buy Before The Holiday

If you’re looking to build your own Christmas tree out of plastic this year, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve collected my five favorite 3D printers that you should be able to or

7 Star Wars Gifts For The Jedi Knights In Your Life

It’s impossible to escape Star Wars. And that’s great! What follows are some of the best Star Wars-themed gifts available right now. From droids, to LEGO kits, to plush toys, this list has

TechCrunch’s Favorite Things Of 2015

Here at TechCrunch, we see a lot of stuff — gadgets, gizmos, apps, doo-dads, and electro-whatnots. Name a gadget, and someone on staff has probably obsessed over it, torn it apart, or worn it out ov

9 Perfect Gifts For The Health Nut In Your Life

We all know someone who puts health first. They know their caloric intake, the steps they took that day, and the exact amount of beauty sleep they got last night. Meanwhile, you and I are trying to fi

9 Etsy-Made Gifts That Keep Holiday Giving Weird

I’ve always found that the weirder gifts, no matter how much they cost, are the ones that people appreciate the most. Sure, you could send someone a boring gift card or a basic-ass iPhone case,

The 13 Best-Sounding Headphones For Everyone On Your Nice List

Buying someone else headphones is often easier said than done. Audiophiles are a fickle bunch and even kids know exactly what type of brand/sound they want these days. These headphones I’m recom

6 Nerdy Guy Things To Wear That Won’t Make You Look Like A Nerd

All of the gifts in our guy’s clothing and accessory guide look great and have enough of a nerdy frisson to make you a hit at holiday parties. Some of them are expensive – a $38K watch is

11 Great Family Board Games To Get The Kids (And You) Off Of The iPad

We all pretend to love board games but when it comes to sitting down and playing them most of us are remiss. The solution? Pick up any of these fun games for the family and see eyes light up, spirits

9 Gifts For The Smartest Smart Home

Choose from 16 million shades of color, make grandpa feel more secure by showing him who’s at the door when he’s not even there and get the house turnt with a rendition of Alvin and the C

12 Gifts To Inspire The Next Generation Of Coders

Are you buying a gift for a budding coder or hardware hacker? Kids today are truly spoilt on this front, with a very wide range of specialized kit that offers to teach tech smarts in a fun and engagin

8 Cool Everyday Carry Gifts For A Tactical Holiday

Our friends at Everyday Carry have been looking at cool stuff for years and we asked them for some amazing advice on gear for folks who want stuff that will last us a few years after New Year’s

14 Great Gifts For Your Geeky Guy Friends

Buying gifts for geek guys (with “geek” herein used in the most loving way possible, meaning someone who’s really into the thing they like) can be tough. Ask us what we want, and we

9 Holiday Gifts For The iPhone Lover In Your Life

It doesn’t matter how old they are. It doesn’t matter how many new phones come out. The iPhone lover in your life is going to upgrade their phone when Apple tells them that it’s time

8 Gifts For Your Grandparents That They Won’t Just Toss In A Drawer

Used properly, tech makes life better. It can help us in just about every way; it helps us remember the things we’ve done, the things we have to do, and the people we love. Buying tech gifts for

11 Really Awesome Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Want

Your dad probably doesn’t want any more socks, ties, or wallets. We asked a bunch of dads (from those on staff to our own dads to randoms on the street) what they’d want this Christmas, th

18 Wonderful Gifts For Your Wonderful Mom

Moms rock. She’d be there for you in a minute — so don’t wait until the last minute to get her something this year. We’ve tried to keep this Gift Guide from being too cliche; you w

11 Awesome Gifts For Your Favorite 20-Something

As one of TechCrunch’s resident 20-somethings, I know firsthand that we’re not the easiest group of people to shop for. Do we want electronics, clothes, or stuff for our first post-colleg

These 9 Kitchen Gadgets Can Be The Ultimate Sous Chef

They say the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. If that person is a chef of sorts, then kitchen gadgetry is a must-have on their holiday wish list. Be the one to bring home

11 Gorgeous Holiday Gifts For Your Tech-Savvy Girlfriends

On the hunt for that special something for your best girlfriend, gal pal or that special lady in your life? Here are a few gems for them (or you). From stylish chargers to swank bags to carry your stu
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