gift guide 2010

  • Koostik Wood iPod "Dock" Amplifies Sound The Old Fashioned Way

    This probably isn’t up your alley if you’re into listening to really awesome, fairly loud music all the time, but if you rely on your iPod or iPhone and don’t need a lot of volume, the Koostik might be your style. It’s based on similar principles as acoustic guitars and other wood instruments: sound is channeled from where it is emitted from the phone to those big… Read More

  • TSA-Proof Fig Briefs Protect Your Undercarriage From Radiation, Pawing Agents

    Stocking stuffer alert! I never thought I’d be recommending underwear to combat an overreaching government, but this is just one of life’s little surprises. These briefs (and boxers and such) have a fig leaf in the front that supposedly blocks the radiation from those horrible machines… which means it’s probably just woven with some kind of wire-infused thread, or has… Read More

  • Microvision Updates Its Laser-Powered ShowWX Pico Projector

    One of my favorites gadgets from CES this year was Microvision’s ShowWX pico projector, which they’d grafted onto a motion-sensing gun controller and plugged into an FPS. The laser-based image source means no focus is necessary, and there’s no display lag. Well, they’re updating the line with a new one that looks sleeker and certainly is brighter. Read More

  • Black Friday Week: Circuit City Sales just posted a big page of deals including a Samsung TV and a Flip camera. They’ve also got a refurb 3rd Gen iPod Touch for $249. Read More

  • 9 Great Gifts For The Media Pirate In Your Life

    More and more households are cutting the cord and opting for legally or otherwise obtained content. This opens up a whole new world of potential holiday gifts! You could get your significant other any number of available media streamers to fancy HTPC remotes to even a subscription to various media services. But there’s no need to aimlessly wander the aisles of Amazon in search of… Read More

  • Black Friday Week: Lots Of Samsung Gear Discounted

    Samsung is offering a nice package for nascent 3D lovers including a Blu-Ray player, two pairs of glasses, and a copy of My Dinner With Andre in vivid 3D (actually it’s all the Shrek movies in 3D). The kit, which comes with TVs priced $3,000 and up, looks to be a great way to break into the 3D thang without spending a massive amount on upgrades. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Black Friday Week: Free B&N Gift Cards

    Here we go. Deals deals deals! This week Barnes & Noble is offering a free $10 gift card for every $100 in gift cards purchased in stores or online. They’re also offering a number of discounts on DVDs and media. Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: One Of Two Swatch New Gent Watches

    It’s important to accessorize! That’s why I wear the “private” bone of a racoon around my neck on a leather cord and that’s why you need one of two Swatch New Gent Watches. How do you win? I’d hoped you’d know all about this by now. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get A Boxee Box For $180

    The Boxee Box is about the hottest media streamer ever made. It has issues, but it’s still really impressive and most of the bugs should be squashed soon. Anyway, Dell is hawking the Boxee Box for $200 like everyone else, but with the right coupon code, — V69?N67T203R2H — you can get it for $180 with free shipping. Yep, we love you. [via Dealnews] Read More

  • Video Review: The Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 Oh, Microsoft. You just can’t seem to help but be the last one to every party you attend. You launched the Kin just as messenger phones began to die, then you launched Windows Phone 7 when the smartphone wars were so far underway that most folks had already declared an allegiance. And now… Read More

  • Olive O6HD: An Audio Streaming System That Costs Quite A Bit

    Olive makes really nice, fairly expensive audio gear for audiophiles who still haven’t gone digital. While this is a shrinking market, I guess there are enough oldsters out there who still haven’t ripped their copy of A Farewell to Kings so this is for them. It’s basically a 2TB hard drive with built-in optical drive. You pop in a disk, it records the audio, and then plays… Read More

  • DODOcase Now Available For The Kindle (Finally!)

    DODOcase happens to be one of our fav iPad cases and so we’re more than pleased to pass along word that there’s now a Kindle case done up in the same handmade style. The Kindle case is available starting today for $49.95 with a red lining and $54.99 for any other color choice. Just like the iPad flavor, the Kindle one is handmade in SanFran through classic bookbinding techniques… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Watchismo Picks 10 Coversation-Starting Watches

    Good old Watchismo has created a page of ten nice “conversation starters” for your shopping pleasure. My favorites are the Issey Miyake auto and the Phosphor E Ink watch. Read More

  • Just In Time For Breakfast: The Egg Cuber

    Say, for example, you’re the kind of person who abhors curves. You’re very linear, very Borg-like. Well, this is the egg cuber for you. For $5.99 you can hard boil your favorite ovoid objects into a squat little cube, forcing the cantilevered majesty of the your hen-fruit into the straight-edge box of conformity. Read More

  • Review: Motorola Defy On T-Mobile

    Short version: Waterproof and attractive, the Defy is a solid smartphone with relatively rare selling points. It’s missing Froyo at the moment and MOTOBLUR isn’t for everyone, but I consider this thing a great value. Read More

  • Review: Dropcam Echo

    When I first wrote about Dropcam I was fairly excited. Why? Because I had been looking for a simple DVR/security system for my home so I could see if the FedEx guy was at the door. Dropcam appeared, disappeared, and then was launched a few months ago. In the interim I started using a Linksys wireless cam and Vitamin D and that has worked extremely well and then Logitech came out with their… Read More

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint

    Short Version
    Android users rejoice! The same excellent operating system and interface you love in your phone is now housed in a stout and sturdy 7-inch case. Is it an iPad replacement? Potentially, but you’re going to have to overlook some glaring problems. Read More

  • Review: Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker System

    Short version: Simple, convenient, and sounds decent, but reception issues might limit its utility for you. Read More

  • Review: Gyration Air Mouse Elite (Now For Mac)

    Short version: A perfectly usable air mouse with the usual drawbacks, but simple and user-friendly configuration. A handy accessory for HTPCs and for those who just like to lean back. Read More

  • Review: Macbook Air 13-inch

    Short Version: There will be no pleasing either side of the Apple fanboy divide with this review so I’ll say it up front: If you’re looking for an alternative to a heavier Apple laptop – a MacBook Pro, say, or an Apple Powerbook 170 – and you travel, the MacBook Air is an excellent choice. If you rarely travel and/or are not a Mac fan, you will probably be better served… Read More

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