gift guide 2009

  • Review and giveaway: Logitech G330 portable gaming headphones

    The Short Version: These headphones fit a sort of questionable niche; who really games and travels so much that they need compact gaming headphones? But that aside, the G330s are still a mixed bag. Sound quality is good for a traditional headphone style, but they don’t seem to fit as intended. If you find yourself needing a portable gaming headset, try these on before you buy.

    Also… Read More

  • Haier Theatre portable media player

    Ooh, shiny. This is the Haier “Theatre” – a portable media player with a 3-inch touchscreen, available in 4GB and 8GB capacities for $90 and $100, respectively. Read More

  • McCracken looks at the Nook

    We didn’t get a Nook yet but Harry McCracken at Technologizer did, which means he’s better than us. Why? Because his last name reminds me of a sea monster. Anyway, Harry found the Nook to be a 1.0 product at best and a 0.1 product at worst. His bottom line: Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: The Nook isn’t a Kindle killer–not in this initial form, at least. Read More

  • Prank Pack fake gift boxes double up on holiday cheer

    Just a friendly reminder that these “Prank Pack” fake gift boxes exist for your amusement. Be careful, though, as you run the risk of disappointing the person who opens the gift. I mean, how would you feel if you thought you were getting travel coffee mugs with built-in walkie talkies only to open the box to find a pair of argyles or a dumb Red Robin gift card? Read More

  • CrunchGear's Uberprize: A SMART Board 685ix interactive white board

    This week we’re going to go a little crazy. We’ll have daily giveaways but we’re going to offer you the chance to totally go nuts and win a SMART Board 685ix short throw magical whiteboard with installation included. What’s that you say? What will I do with a whiteboard? Good question! Read More

  • Board Game Night: Halo Risk, Donkey Kong Jenga, or Nintendo Monopoly?

    By now you’ve already heard about Nintendo Monopoly, but let’s add two more video game-themed board games to the list: Halo Risk ($40) and Donkey Kong Jenga ($25). Read More

  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks available today on Nintendo DS/DSi

    Fans of the Legend of Zelda games who happen to leave the house once in awhile don’t need to be told that today marks the newest installment of portable Zelda games, as The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks hits store shelves for the Nintendo DS and DSi for $34.99. Read More

  • Finally, a professional alpine racing sled

    Are you a professional alpine sled racer? Bet you’ve been waiting a long time for something like this $900 Alpine Racing Sled to come along. Even if you’re just an amateur alpine sled racer looking to take your qualifying times to the next level and you’ve set aside a little over $1000 in your “Ultimate Sled Fund” (shipping adds $115 to the price of the sled) then… Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: Astro A40 BxR Special Edition Audio System

    The folks over at Astro Gaming wanted to share some holiday cheer and are giving us one of their new Astro A40 BxR SE Audio Systems to hand out to one lucky CrunchGear enthusiast. The new BxR system comes with a headset, in either red, blue or military green (we’re giving the green one away), and a MixAmp. Details on how to win inside! Read More

  • Stocking Stuffer: YoGen Mobile Charger ($40)

    Did you know you can recharge your mobile devices without an actual power outlet? It’s true! You can use solar power, magic, or little alternators like this YoGen charger. Read More

  • Review: Gunnar 'MLG Legend' Glasses

    Short Version: Gunnar’s “MLG Legend” glasses are a good choice for gamers and workers alike who suffer from eye problems created from staring at a screen for long periods of time. While the thought of wearing specialty glasses with amber lenses in front of a computer or TV screen may seem pretentious to some, the benefits of these glasses outweigh the possibility of any… Read More

  • Stocking Stuffer: Kensington Video Chat Light for Netbooks ($15)

    Kensington’s $15 “Video Chat Light for Netbooks” can provide some much-needed illumination to your video chats. It’s powered by a single USB Port and features a flexible gooseneck that’s sturdy yet pliable. Read More

  • Friday Giveaway: Some EZ Grills

    Yeah, I don’t like the looks of this guy either. Anyone that fit and happy and still not in the possession of a proper grill is a suspect. However, if you want an EZ Grill for your own, read on. This contest is to whet your appetite for some BOMBASTIC giveaways this weekend. Read More

  • Ladies, don’t let guys have all the fun – Star Trek perfume is here

    When Star Trek cologne was unveiled to the world in late July, the odds were officially stacked against females. How in the world would they be able to resist any man wearing Star Trek cologne? It can’t be done. Well, that playing field has been absolutely leveled with the recent introduction of Star Trek perfume. Read More

  • Review: The GBoard keyboard for GMail

    Short Version: The GBoard costs $19.99. It’s a USB keypad that has nineteen specially labeled keys for specific GMail actions: search, reply, reply all, star, archive, etc. The back of the unit has an adjustable lever so you can change the angle of the keypad. I’m left wondering what problem this accessory solves. Read More

  • Public Service Announcement: Holiday Shipping Deadlines

    The fine folks over at dealnews and Dealhack have put together a list of shipping deadlines for popular online retailers so you can make sure to get that special gift sent out on time. Here are some of the more gadget-oriented retailers for your reference. Read More

  • DLO WallDock takes the cables out of iDevice charging

    I’ll go on record and say that $25 seems like a lot of money for something like this. It’s an intriguing idea, though, and might make a good stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for the Apple fan in your life. Read More

  • Spend Christmas In Hell: Dante's Inferno Demo Comes Just In Time For The Holidays

    EA announced that the demo to their much anticipated game, Dante’s Inferno would be available before the Holidays for your gaming enjoyment. The “Gates of Hell” demo lets users play through the entire first level of the game, introducing us all to the horrors abound in the Nine Circles of Hell. The demo opens with the protagonist returning from the crusades only to find that… Read More

  • Free to a good home: Booq Nerve laptop bag

    Good evening and welcome to the laptop bag adoption program from your friends at CrunchGear. Today we have this charming Booq Nerve laptop bag, your choice of sizes. It needs a good home. Won’t you open your heart to this bag? Read More

  • Review: Assassin's Creed 2

    Ubisoft needed to publish something amazing given their anemic financials thus far this year, and Assassin’s Creed 2 delivered. Assassin’s Creed 2 was simply put, amazing. The sequel vastly improves upon Assassin’s Creed which given all the hype, was disappointing to say the least. The game plays on the strengths of Assassin’s Creed, most notably the free-running, and is… Read More

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