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  • Venerable audio company Bowers & Wilkins bought out by Gideon Yu’s EVA Automation

    Venerable audio company Bowers & Wilkins bought out by Gideon Yu’s EVA Automation

    Bowers & Wilkins, an audio gear brand that has been familiar to millions for decades, is being bought out by EVA Automation, a two-year-old company that has never released a product. Yet the old company’s name and CEO will remain. You’re not going to hear about a weirder deal today. Read More

  • Gideon Yu: "The Drama Of Being A Venture Capitalist Isn’t Really For Me"

    Gideon Yu, the former CFO of Facebook who left two years ago to become a partner at Khosla Ventures, is leaving venture capital to become the chief strategy officer of the San Francisco 49ers. “The drama of being a venture capitalist isn’t really for me,” he tells me. But he insists, “I am absolutely not leaving tech.” Yu will remain on the boards of Square… Read More

  • $25 Million for Web-based IM? Not Exactly. Meebo's CEO Explains. (TCTV)

    Pivot. It is the new buzzword seemingly taking on a life of its own ala “SUPER ANGEL” after this iconic, viral talk by Mike Maples. Ngmoco did it and cashed in big time. Instagram did it and became an app sensation. Twitter did it, and became, well, Twitter. And now Meebo has done it and raised another $25 million from Khosla Ventures to continue building its business. Seth… Read More

  • Khosla Ventures Raises $1.1 Billion. It's For More Than Just Clean Tech.

    Either Vinod Khosla has the magic or institutional investors are easing back into venture capital, or both. His Khosla Ventures raised $1.1 billion for two new funds, with about $800 million going to Khosla Ventures III and $275 million for a new seed fund. Taken together, the $1.1 billion is the biggest capital raise for a venture firm in two years, and if you count it as a first-time fund… Read More

  • Confirmed: Facebook Loses CFO Gideon Yu

    Facebook is losing its CFO Gideon Yu. The Wall Street Journal broke the news earlier today, and speculated that the reason could be that Facebook might want to make an early bid for an IPO and wants a CFO with public company experience (which is complete nonsense). Yu was previously the CFO of YouTube. At Facebook, he was key to raising money from Microsoft at the famous $15 billion… Read More