Hacker Posts Hilarious, Offensive Messages From Seven MLB Teams’ Facebook Pages

Facebook pages for the <a target="_blank" href="">Chicago Cubs</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Chicago White Sox</a>, <a target="_blank" h

The random endorsement: The New York Football Giants

[photopress:endorse020608.jpg,full,right] Watch this video first. Listen to the words, man. /me Clears throat. /sings 18 and 0 (18 and 0) one more to go (one more to go), SuperBoooooooooowl. Patriots

CrunchImage: World's Tallest Man Dwarves Tiny Cellphone

You think typing on your cellphone’s keypad is hard? Try making a call as Leonid Stadnyk. The world’s tallest man is 8-feet 5.5-inches. That is tall. That is very, very tall. He lives in t