The San Francisco Giants will wear big Cruise ads through 2025

One of the fringe benefits of owning a professional sports team is the ability to sell ads on just about everything. Stadiums have been at it for some time, of course. Who can forgot when the Staples

Hacker Posts Hilarious, Offensive Messages From Seven MLB Teams’ Facebook Pages

Facebook pages for the <a target="_blank" href="">Chicago Cubs</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Chicago White Sox</a>, <a target="_blank" h

The random endorsement: The New York Football Giants

[photopress:endorse020608.jpg,full,right] Watch this video first. Listen to the words, man. /me Clears throat. /sings 18 and 0 (18 and 0) one more to go (one more to go), SuperBoooooooooowl. Patriots

CrunchImage: World's Tallest Man Dwarves Tiny Cellphone

You think typing on your cellphone’s keypad is hard? Try making a call as Leonid Stadnyk. The world’s tallest man is 8-feet 5.5-inches. That is tall. That is very, very tall. He lives in t