Ghetto Blaster

  • This is hardly a ghetto blaster cellphone

    To me, “ghetto blaster” can mean either of two things: a so-so album by Armand van Helden and a stupidly large boombox popular in urban areas some 20 years ago. Looking at this cellphone—generically referred to as the Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone—the phrase “ghetto blaster” does not come to mind. Yes, it plays MP3s, but so so watches nowadays. Yes, it has… Read More

  • A Ghetto Blaster for the 21st Century

    Thank you, Dirk Winkel. For you have created, conceptually, a ghetto blaster for the 21st century. This curvy looking blaster either wraps over the user’s shoulder or around the hip and provides enough ordinance-violating bass to disturb even the hardest New York neighborhoods. The long neck is said to help provide high quality sound (like a horn instrument), but being a ghetto… Read More