Review: 3M MP160 Pico Projector

Short version: 3M’s MPro series puts on a little weight! It’s still smaller than a regular projector, but it’s chunkier than every pico projector out there. But it’s also brigh

Get Equipped With Mega Man E-Tank Mug

I always wondered what was in those things. Mega Man must have been wired 24/7. No wonder he could jump so high! $9 at ThinkGeek. Samus has these, too. But why can’t she just get an espresso mac

10 Tasteful Gifts For The Aspiring Chef

While there are some of us for whom even boiling water correctly is a challenge, there are also future Top Chefs just waiting to be given the chance. You probably have one among your family or friends

Gift Guide: The Ultimate Multi-tool Round Up

<img src="" />Whether you just need a knife and screwdriver or a whole suite of doodads, there's a multi-tool out there for you. But the

Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

<img src="" />Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you

Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

<img src="" />Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you

The Great Holiday iPad Case Round-Up iPads are shaping up to be a popular gift this year (despite the certainty of a sequel just around the cor

Our Favorite Things: The Ultrapod II Travel Tripod

<img src="" />There are a lot of toys out there for the traveling photographer (for whom a gift guide is forthcoming), but a simple, dura

The Large Pocket Shirt, For The Tablet Enthusiast

<img src="" />So the <a href="">Galaxy Tab</a> and a few other devices are just small enoug

The ONA Union Street Messenger Bag Looks Waxily Amazing

<img src="" />I've been on the lookout for a nice waxed canvas <a href="">messenger bag</

The Epic Cheap Stocking Stuffers Gift List For Freaks, Geeks and Everyone Else

Stocking stuffers are a must. These little, often trivial items, can make or break a Christmas morning. Whether you’re shopping for a fledgling nerd-in-training or one with a bit more XP, these

Multi-Card SD And MicroSD Readers From Elecom

<img src="" />These little gadgets are... very practical. I'm surprised this kind of thing isn't more common. Basically you've just got o

Surplus Swiss Army Axes? Yes Please

Oh man. I don’t know what it is about a finely crafted axe that I like so much. I should probably just stop there. But I can’t. I just love axes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Video Hands-On: Hexbug Spiders

Hexbugs are all about fun. You’ve probably seen these things in stores for years. Radio Shack is the exclusive seller of the Spider model this holiday season and I must say, these things are fan

Koostik Wood iPod "Dock" Amplifies Sound The Old Fashioned Way

<img src="" />This probably isn't up your alley if you're into listening to really awesome, fairly loud music all the time, but if you

TSA-Proof Fig Briefs Protect Your Undercarriage From Radiation, Pawing Agents

<img src="" />Stocking stuffer alert! I never thought I'd be recommending underwear to combat an overreaching government, but this

Microvision Updates Its Laser-Powered ShowWX Pico Projector

<img src="" />One of my favorites gadgets from CES this year was <a href="

Just In Time For Breakfast: The Egg Cuber

<img src="">Say, for example, you're the kind of person who abhors curves. You're very linear, very Borg-like. Well, this is the

Review: Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

<img src=""><b>Short Version</b> It's been a long, hot summer here on the homestead. John-John gets the wh