• 10 Tasteful Gifts For The Aspiring Chef

    While there are some of us for whom even boiling water correctly is a challenge, there are also future Top Chefs just waiting to be given the chance. You probably have one among your family or friends. And while great cooks don’t necessarily need great tools (it’s-a all in the spirit, eh?), it can’t hurt to have a few high-quality items around the kitchen. A beautiful new… Read More

  • 12 Days Of Christmas: Kobo E-Reader And E-Books

    We’re kicking off our 12 days of giveaways with an e-reader from Kobo. You might have seen our first review, or our more recent one; it’s a bare-bones, straightforward little e-reading device that is now graced with onboard w-ifi and a store for magazines and newspapers. And we’ve got one with your name on it for our first daily giveaway. All you need to do is leave a… Read More

  • Obscure Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life, You Probably Haven't Heard Of Them

    My colleagues at CrunchGear tend to romanticize my lifestyle somewhat, and are convinced that I am the most egregious hipster on the planet. It’s true that I have a scruffy chin and hang out at dive bars a lot, but if they’d spent as much time as I on the mean streets of Seattle, they’d know just how mild my hipster qualities truly are. That said, I understand the… Read More