• Koostik Wood iPod "Dock" Amplifies Sound The Old Fashioned Way

    This probably isn’t up your alley if you’re into listening to really awesome, fairly loud music all the time, but if you rely on your iPod or iPhone and don’t need a lot of volume, the Koostik might be your style. It’s based on similar principles as acoustic guitars and other wood instruments: sound is channeled from where it is emitted from the phone to those big… Read More

  • Microvision Updates Its Laser-Powered ShowWX Pico Projector

    One of my favorites gadgets from CES this year was Microvision’s ShowWX pico projector, which they’d grafted onto a motion-sensing gun controller and plugged into an FPS. The laser-based image source means no focus is necessary, and there’s no display lag. Well, they’re updating the line with a new one that looks sleeker and certainly is brighter. Read More

  • Review: Orb Home Theater Speakers

    Short version:
    While you may not have heard of this brand, if you are looking for a complete home theater setup or even stereo setup, complete with powered sub, for $1k or less, you will likely be impressed with Orb. Try them in your home for 30 days. Read More