Review: second generation Pogoplug NAS

<img src="" /><a href="">PogoPlug</a> has gotten a fair bit of coverage here at CrunchGear, i

Review and giveaway: SteelSeries Siberia v2 surround-sound headset

The Short Version: The Siberia v2 is SteelSeries’ entry into the virtual-surround headset market, and it holds its own against the excellent Logitech G35s and Razer’s Megalodon headset &md

USB to SATA 2.5-inch hard drive cable

<img src="">There's usually a lot of unnecessary foreplay that goes along with accessing an old hard drive just to pull a few fi

Thursday Giveaway: Pulse Smartpen

Man, am I sleepy! I almost didn’t post a giveaway for you all today! Maybe I won’t post the giveaway and maybe I’ll just go take a nap… what do you guys think? Nap? Or Pulse Smartp

Giveaway: 500GB G-Drive mini external hard drive

<img src="">Everyone needs more storage. But why spend the cash an external drive when we're giving away a sexy <a href="http://www.

Review and giveaway: Logitech G330 portable gaming headphones

The Short Version: These headphones fit a sort of questionable niche; who really games and travels so much that they need compact gaming headphones? But that aside, the G330s are still a mixed bag. So

Review: The GBoard keyboard for GMail

Short Version: The GBoard costs $19.99. It’s a USB keypad that has nineteen specially labeled keys for specific GMail actions: search, reply, reply all, star, archive, etc. The back of the unit

Free to a good home: Booq Nerve laptop bag

Good evening and welcome to the laptop bag adoption program from your friends at CrunchGear. Today we have this charming Booq Nerve laptop bag, your choice of sizes. It needs a good home. Won’t

CrunchDeals: 28-inch monitor for $250

<img src="">Costco has a pretty stellar deal on a big 28-inch monitor at just $249.99 with free shipping. That price is good until Janu

Review: 2TB G-Drive External Hard Drive

The G-Drive external hard drive line has been out for a bit now. But the latest model is loaded with the Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM 3.5-inch hard drive, which means I had to check it out. Let’s just sa

This could be the ultimate HTPC controller

<img src="">This little controller is butt-ugly and crude, but I still want one really bad. Maybe Santa will bring me one

Sunday Giveaway: A Movie Wedge for you, a Movie Wedge for me!

If you ever sit next to me on a plane you will notice that I have a small ritual that I prepare every time I reach cruising altitude. I begin by pulling out my iPod touch and then my Movie Wedge. The

Saturday giveaway: Kodak 5250 all-in-one printer, just for you

Good afternoon, readers! What does Santa have in his bag for you today? Interestingly enough, he was unable to bring his bag because this printer is far too big for it. We present, for your inspection

Gift Guide 2009: Peripherals

[tab:Intro][flagallery gid=9 name=”CrunchGear Gift Guide 2009″] Peripherals, they say, are the spice of life. Well, maybe they don’t say that, but they do say it about variety, and p

Worlds Collide: iMo digital photo frame features built-in printer

<img src="">If you thought that the whole point of the common digital photo frame was to make old-school photos a t

Livescribe's Pulse smartpen gets an app store

In the end, everything will have an app store. Take the Pulse smartpen from Livescribe, for example. The company, whose pen is quite cool (it records what you write and can “remember” thin

Imation Pro WX wireless USB hard drive now shipping: 1.5TB for $450

<img src="">Imation today officially starts shipping "the world's first Wireless USB external hard drive,"

Review: Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse

<img src=""><b>Short version:</b> A comfortable mouse whose main gimmick will take hours upon hours of dedication on your part to fully e

Review: Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Short Version: As ergonomic mice go, Microsoft’s wireless offering provides plenty of relief from repetitive stress injuries without deviating too far from the familiar form factor found in standard

Review: Magic Mouse

Short version: The Magic Mouse is everything that anti-Macists hate about Apple: It’s twee, too smart for its own good, and initially unusable to the uninitiated. Sadly, even Mac fanbois will fe
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