ContourHD giveaway has a winner! – or does it? (yes, it does)

Hey, all! Thanks for entering the contest, but as they say: many will enter, few will win. In this case only one: James, who “Did my first backflip snowboarding off a 20 foot cliff, luckily it w

Giveaway: Olive No 4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo

You like music, right? How about CDs? Do you still have CDs? Don’t have any cash this week? Did you spend a lot of money on presents for the kids already? Do you want one of these Olive No 4 Hi-

Giveaway: ContourHD 1080p wearable HD cam

Update: It’s overrr! Someone won, and he’s very excited. Thanks for playing, and keep an eye out for other giveaways. ‘Tis the season. Did you see my review of the ContourHD 1080p? W

Sunday Giveaway: Monster Miles Davis Headphone Pack

<img src="" />Boobledee ooh ooh woo woo ha lala! We're coming at you with a fancy Monster Miles Davis Headphone p

The Final Commenting Day: The last step to winning a SMART Board

Finally. We’re done. All you have to do is comment on this post and, presumably, all the other posts in this series, and then you’ll be eligible to win a SMART Board for your home, office,

Friday Contest: Win a triple-tuner Moxi HD DVR

Sure, all the cool kids are ditching cable and satellite these days, but us normal folk still pay for our TV. If that’s you, then you need a DVR and Arris wants you to have a brand new Moxi HD D

Review: Chinon AVi iPod dock with built-in digital TV tuner

Short Version: There’s a whole lot of convergence going on with the $200 Chinon AVi. You’ve got an iPod dock, 7-inch digital TV that doubles as an iPod video screen, music player, FM radio, and al

CrunchGear's Uberprize: A SMART Board 685ix interactive white board

<img src="" />This week we're going to go a little crazy. We'll have daily giveaways but we're going to offer you the chance to totally go

Weekend Giveaway: Astro A40 BxR Special Edition Audio System

<img src="" />The folks over at <a href="">Astro Gaming</a> wanted to share some holiday cheer and are giv

Review: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini

The design of the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini is a thing of beauty. Not as much so as the $800, full-size Zeppelin, but that’s fine. It’s sort of like how da Vinci’s Vitruvia

Monday Giveaway: Samson Go Mic

<img src="" />Want a nice mic for recording your podcast? Talking on Skype? Laying down tracks for your magnum opus, <i>Concer

Review: The $1200 URC MX-5000 remote

Sunday Giveaway: See the world with your very own Vue camera system

It’s Sunday and I want you to be happy. That’s why I’m offering you your very own Vue Personal Video network so you can keep an eye on Santa as he sneaks up to your back porch and st

CrunchDeals: Half-off Roku's HD-XR

Stop! Turn that car around! Roku is selling the HD-XR for half-off. There’s no reason to go to the store! The Roku is one of my favorite living room devices and it just got better. Now it’

The 5 Rules of Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. It’s a great time to score some deals, but don’t go at it willy-nilly. Follow these 5 simple Black Friday rules to avoid the scams and wasting time.

Roku announces Roku Channel Store, adds Facebook and Pandora (and maybe porn!)

Your Roku box just got a whole lot more interesting. Roku, if you remember, makes the Roku player, a small device that sits next to your TV and plays Netflix, Amazon Video, and MLB selections. Roku ha

Sunday Giveaway: A Movie Wedge for you, a Movie Wedge for me!

If you ever sit next to me on a plane you will notice that I have a small ritual that I prepare every time I reach cruising altitude. I begin by pulling out my iPod touch and then my Movie Wedge. The

Review: Klipsch iGroove SXT Speaker System for iPhone and iPod

Short Version: You want to listen to Fergie in the kitchen. Don’t worry, I understand. Fergie and cooking eggs just go together well. If you’ll be piping Fergie off an iPhone or iPod, you&

Best Buy drops everyday price of 40-inch 1080p TV to $500, 32-inch 720p to $300

<img src="">If you prefer warm, indoor shopping to cold, outdoor, middle-of-the-night Black Friday shopping, then you may be happy to

The 5 rules of HDTV buying

So there you are, standing in front of Best Buy’s wall o’ HDTVs. Which one do you buy? There are just so many different factors and terms: LCD, LED, plasma, 3D, DLP, 1080p. No worries. Fol
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