• ContourHD giveaway has a winner! – or does it? (yes, it does)

    Hey, all! Thanks for entering the contest, but as they say: many will enter, few will win. In this case only one: James, who “Did my first backflip snowboarding off a 20 foot cliff, luckily it was all powder I landed in, because i landed pretty much on my head, and my friends had to dig me out of the three feet of powder. It was great.” Watch your email, James. My random number… Read More

  • Review and giveaway: SteelSeries Siberia v2 surround-sound headset

    The Short Version: The Siberia v2 is SteelSeries’ entry into the virtual-surround headset market, and it holds its own against the excellent Logitech G35s and Razer’s Megalodon headset — at least, in sound quality. However, it doesn’t offer much to distinguish itself, and some minor but troublesome issues may have you springing for the Siberia’s… Read More

  • Giveaway: ContourHD 1080p wearable HD cam

    Update: It’s overrr! Someone won, and he’s very excited. Thanks for playing, and keep an eye out for other giveaways. ‘Tis the season. Did you see my review of the ContourHD 1080p? Well, go check it out so you know whether or not you can make use of this sucker. It’s basically a compact HD camcorder stripped of everything but the lens, sensor, and storage, stuck inside… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Uberprize: A SMART Board 685ix interactive white board

    This week we’re going to go a little crazy. We’ll have daily giveaways but we’re going to offer you the chance to totally go nuts and win a SMART Board 685ix short throw magical whiteboard with installation included. What’s that you say? What will I do with a whiteboard? Good question! Read More

  • Free to a good home: Booq Nerve laptop bag

    Good evening and welcome to the laptop bag adoption program from your friends at CrunchGear. Today we have this charming Booq Nerve laptop bag, your choice of sizes. It needs a good home. Won’t you open your heart to this bag? Read More

  • The 5 Rules of Black Friday

    Black Friday is almost here. It’s a great time to score some deals, but don’t go at it willy-nilly. Follow these 5 simple Black Friday rules to avoid the scams and wasting time. Read More

  • A storm is brewing at Best Buy

    Here it comes: Best Buy ran a national Black Friday ad inviting the world to celebrate Thanksgiving and Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim festival of sacrifice. Fair enough, right? Happy Eid! Well, take a gander at the ad up there and brace yourself. Look closely. You’ll probably miss the good will and wishes, they’re so innocuous. Read More

  • Swedish watchmakers create a Void

    Not sure why you’d name your watch after something that doesn’t exist but the Swedes love them some existentialism. Void Watches V02 have two retrograde hands, one that shows the hours on one side and minutes on the other. It comes in four colors and uses a Japanese movement. Read More

  • Monday Giveaway: Viper SmartStart iPhone Kit, Brought to you by Gas Cubby

    Using the Gas Cubby iPhone app to increase your fuel economy and keep your vehicle properly maintained can save you money and help the environment… but, if you’ve learned anything from CrunchGear, it’s that saving money isn’t much fun unless you can blow it on something cool and completely over the top. Well, one lucky CrunchGear reader gets to have their cake and eat… Read More

  • Sunday Giveaway: A Movie Wedge for you, a Movie Wedge for me!

    If you ever sit next to me on a plane you will notice that I have a small ritual that I prepare every time I reach cruising altitude. I begin by pulling out my iPod touch and then my Movie Wedge. The Movie Wedge is a little bean bag with a lip for holding up MP3 and video players. That’s it. It’s amazingly great. We talked about the Movie Wedge a while back and we’re happy… Read More

  • Livescribe's Pulse smartpen gets an app store

    In the end, everything will have an app store. Take the Pulse smartpen from Livescribe, for example. The company, whose pen is quite cool (it records what you write and can “remember” things on page, allowing for paper-based calculators and control panels), has just launched an app store for its 2- and 4GB Pulse pens. The store offers multiple games, tools, and study aids for… Read More

  • Review: eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame plus a giveaway

    I’ve suffered much when it comes to digital photo frames. I purchased a number of frames from multiple manufacturers for multiple members of my family with the expectation that I would, for time immemorial, be able to email said frames images, thus allowing family members the opportunity to see new photos without having to drag them over from the computer. Alas and alack each one of… Read More