Is America’s national security Facebook and Google’s problem?

Jamie Metzl Contributor Share on Twitter Jamie Metzl is a Senior Fellow for Technology and National Security at the Atlantic Council. More posts by this contributor Homo Sapiens 2.0? We need a species

Our digital future will be shaped by increasingly mobile technologies coming from China

Since the dawn of the internet, the titans of this industry have fought to win the “starting point” -- the place that users start their online experiences. In other words, the place where they beg

Does Ready Player One reveal the future of VR?

Maggie Lane Contributor Share on Twitter Maggie Lane is a writer and producer of virtual reality experiences and covers the industry for various publications. It was barely minutes after the Ready Pla

Getty Images And iStock iOS Apps Get A Big Overhaul And The New Embed Function

Stock photography giant Getty Images is updating its iOS apps, including iStock, which gets its update today, and Getting Images proper, which is receiving its overhaul on July 17. Both apps feature d

Picfair Raises $520K To Take On Getty With An Image Marketplace

Sites like <a target="_blank" href="">Tumblr</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Reddit</a> have taken the practice of sharing pictures and turning them into viral

Getty Images Jumps Into The Age Of Social Media With A Free Embed Tool For Its Photo Library

Last year, <a target="_blank" href="">Getty Images</a> began to double down on how it could better control and ultimately make money from its library of 150 million of pictur

Stipple Partners With Getty Images For Smarter In-Image Advertising

<a target="_blank" href="">Stipple</a> is announcing a partnership with <a target="_blank" href="">Getty Images</a> that integrates Stipple's technology

Haiku Deck Update Brings Getty Images To Slides, Adds Image History, Public And Private Notes

Haiku Deck, the iPad-based presentation tool that aims to be both simpler and more effective than Microsoft's cumbersome desktop PowerPoint software, today unveiled version 2.1, which adds a number of

SoundCloud Partners With Getty Images Music — Users Can ‘Sync’ License Tracks For Commercial Use

In a tie-up with the stock photography and digital media giant <a target="_blank" href="">Getty Images</a>, users of <a target="_blank" href="">SoundClo

The Carlyle Group, Current Management To Acquire Stock Photo Giant Getty Images For $3.3 Billion

Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group, along with <a target="_blank" href="http://">Getty Images</a>' current management and founders are joining forces to acqui

For Pinterest, Revenue Will Turn Copyright Questions Into Real Problems

Getty Images' CEO Jonathan Klein is not concerned about people playing with Getty photos, teenagers using them for school projects, and folks putting them up on their personal blogs -- or, at the mome

Getty Images CEO On Building A Company That Lasts [TCTV]

Some people are surprised when they find out that <a href="">Getty Images</a> is just 17 years old -- its brand name has become such an institution in the image licensing an

Getty Images Acquires Rival Photolibrary To Expand Digital Content Offering

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Getty Images</a> has <a href="http://www.prnewswir

iStockphoto Will Soon Start Selling Stock Logos, Too

<img src="" width="214" height="102" /> <a href="">Getty Images'</a> <a href="http://www

Microstock Photography Is Getting Big. iStockphoto Projects $200 Million In Revenues

<img src="" width="215" height="135" /> The microstock photography business is growing out of nothing. The leader in the marke

Want To See Where Media Is Going? Follow The Money.

<img src="" /> Yet more evidence that the future of media is digital (in case there are still any doubters out there). In a r

Getty Images could buy your Flickr photos

Flickr’d. I’d pay money for a poster-sized version of this photo of Carrie. Getty Images may soon buy your Flickr photos. The professional photo database has teamed up with Yahoo!, which o

Getty Images Begins Licensing Flickr Photos

Getty Images, one of the world’s largest media licensing companies, has partnered with Flickr to add a broader selection of pictures to its online catalog. Getty will hand-pick a number of Flick

Getty Images Now Selling Music Tracks

Pump Audio relaunched today as Soundtrack, following its $42 million purchase by Getty Images last June. Pump Audio’s catalog of music from 20,000 independent artists can be licensed for the Web