• Wrio’s roomier keyboard app launches on Android, iOS

    Wrio’s roomier keyboard app launches on Android, iOS

    There have been many attempts to update keyboards for the digital era and speed up typing by rethinking the antique Qwerty layout. Problem is you’re going up against muscle memory, and resistance to change the habit of a lifetime. And that’s a very hard nut to crack. But a Swiss startup reckons they have done it with their Wrio keyboard. Read More

  • Fuffr Wants To Add Off-Screen Multitouch To Your iPhone For Social Gaming

    Fuffr Wants To Add Off-Screen Multitouch To Your iPhone For Social Gaming

    Fuffr knows smartphone users like multitouch, so it wants to add more areas of multitouch around your multitouch phone so you can do more multitouching. Why is it trying to do this? It reckons extra space for gestures will come in handy if you want to huddle around a single device to play multiplayer games. Read More

  • Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Said To Feature Gesture-Based Menus And Navigation

    Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Said To Feature Gesture-Based Menus And Navigation

    Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will have a unique, gesture-based interaction method that involves tilting the phone to access new information and control on-screen elements, including flipping between pages, according to a new BGR report. This illuminates much more clearly some suggestions about head movements leading to some gesture-based features mentioned in previous reports about… Read More

  • Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala, Founders of Flutter

    Flutter: The YC Startup That Wants To Put The World’s Webcams To Good Use

    Say you’re sitting at your laptop, listening to music while responding to emails, writing code, or reading blogs. Then your phone rings, and the typical scramble ensues: You minimize your browser, maximize your music app, and search frantically for the pause button or volume control — all, hopefully, before you miss the call. Sound familiar? That’s a problem that Flutter… Read More

  • Video: Awesome Gesture-Controlled Robot Arm

    Gesture-driven robots are nothing new, but this robot arm, developed at Japan’s Tsukuba University, stands out with some impressive tech. The system lets humans control the arm by analyzing the movements of their hands and arms based on a video stream (the arm then replicates those movements almost in real-time). Read More

  • Hands-On With The MIT Media Lab's G-Speak Interface This interface has been talked about extensively before here and elsewhere, but it bears another look. It’s amazingly cool. Basically what you’re seeing is a gestural interface powered by a pair of gloves. It supports multiple hands – multiple pairs of hands, that is, so you and… Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Apple's new gesturing systems

    With the official closure of FingerWorks, the multi-touch interface company Apple purchased five years ago, it is interesting to note just what FingerWorks had to offer and, more important, what Apple may be implementing into the upcoming tablet and, potentially, iPhone 4.0 software. Aside from the obvious click, drag, and pinch, FingerWorks has a large collection of odd gesture and swipe… Read More

  • MIT creates technology that lets you use the Force

    This might be the display you are looking for. The MIT media lab just announced the creation of a new display technology that will read your hand gestures in order to manipulate images on the screen. While it’s not *technically* the Force, it’s still pretty cool. Read More

  • The Drought of '09

    We’re now in Week at least Two of the great drought of ’09, where the blogosphere has woken up to the poverty of its attention algorithms and is frantically searching to harness the Gesture model as quantified by Twitter et al. Before I go much further, let me say that this problem has already been tackled and largely solved. But the fact that this hasn’t gotten much… Read More

  • Hands on with GestureTek's camera-based gesture system I lost quite a bit of this video but here’s a look at GestureTek’s EyeMobile system that uses a phone’s camera to create a gesture-based experience for maps and games. It worked really well and could be a way to add interesting interactivity features without adding an accelerometer to the package. Product Page Read More