Leap Motion Lays Off 10% Of Its Workforce After Missing On First Year Sales Estimates

Leap Motion won a lot of buzz early on for its motion controller, which is designed to make it possible for users to interact with their computer through gestures alone. The early buzz and pre-order i

Google Acquires YC-Backed Flutter, A Gesture Recognition Technology Startup, For Around $40M

<a target="_blank" href="">Google's</a> Glass, Android and other products may soon be picking up more Kinect-style gesture features: the company has bought <a target="_blank" href

Apple Patents iOS Unlocking Methods That Determine Level Of User Access To Device Features And Software

A big request from parents regarding iOS has been that Apple implement user accounts on its mobile devices, in order to make it so that a parent can sign in with greater access to device features and

Gesture In The Picture, As Intel Picks Up Omek But PrimeSense Dismisses Apple Acquisition Rumors

Yet more exits for Israeli startups, with the latest two developments a throwback to the hardware and engineering muscle that raised the tech profile of the region in the first place, before the <a hr

Fujitsu’s Future Phones And Tablets Could Skip The Physical Keyboard And Watch Your Fingers Instead

For better or worse, the advent of smartphones and tablets mean that we’re rapidly <a target="_blank" href="

A Telling Gesture: Qualcomm Acquires Assets Of Digital Ultrasound Company, EPOS, To “Differentiate” Next-Gen Snapdragon Chips

Qualcomm Technologies, a subsidiary of mobile chipmaker Qualcomm, has announced it has acquired "certain assets" from Israeli company, EPOS Development, which develops low-cost, digital ultrasound pos

Microsoft’s SemanticMap: After Project Glass, Another Take On How To Make The World More User-Specific

Augmented reality seems to be all the rage this week: Microsoft earlier today got in touch to give us the heads up on some technology it's been working on -- its designs for how to make a user's exper

Flutter: The YC Startup That Wants To Put The World’s Webcams To Good Use

Say you're sitting at your laptop, listening to music while responding to emails, writing code, or reading blogs. Then your phone rings, and the typical scramble ensues: You minimize your browser, max

The Gesture Cube may not be real but it should be

<img src=""><a HREF="">IDENT's GestIC</a> technology is a gesture-based interface system and they're showing o

Sony Ericsson Z555

Product Name: Sony Ericsson Z555 Description: A fashion flip phone that you shake in a way that could remind one of a Polaroid picture. The big draw here is Gesture Control, which lets to flip back an