German Startup Campaigns For Personal Data API Law

German startup Protonet, which last year raised just over $4 million via Seedmatch for its secure server product for SMEs -- 8x more crowdfunding than it had originally sought -- has cooked up a new i

Google Quietly Rolls Out An iPad Version Of Inbox

Inbox by Gmail (Google's still-invite-only email client) seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing, but in case you happen to fall in the "love it" camp <em>and</em> use an iPad: good news! Inbox

Deutsche Telekom Launches A $620M Fund For German Startups And PE Deals

Deutsche Telekom is stepping up its game in the world of startup investing and tapping into the growing tech ecosystem coming out of its home country. Today the carrier, owner of T-Mobile, announced a

Yelp Buys Restaurant-Kritik To Expand Its Presence In Germany

Yelp has boosted its presence in Europe after announcing the acquisition of Restaurant-Kritik, a restaurant review service in Germany. Restaurant-Kritik claims to have over 330,000 reviews of more tha

German Publishers Bow To Google’s Market Power In Ongoing Text Snippets Fight

A tug of war between Google and German publishers over how online news content is displayed in search results has ended in surrender (for now) for the publishers -- who have grudgingly agreed the sear

Germany Warns Google Over User Profiling Privacy Violations

Google has been warned it needs to rein in its user profiling activities in Germany because its current practice of joining the dots across multiple services is in violation of local privacy laws.

Uber No Longer Banned In Germany

A nationwide injunction issued against on-demand ride-hailing service Uber in Germany has been lifted by a local court in Frankfurt during an appeal hearing. The ban was issued by the same court la

As It Flouts Germany-Wide Ban, Uber Touts ~30% Price Cut In Berlin And Munich

Days after a German court issued a nationwide injunction against on-demand ride-hailing service Uber, the company has announced cuts to fares in two key cities: Berlin and Munich.

Uber Slapped With Nationwide Injunction In Germany — But Vows To Continue To Operate

Last month on-demand ride-hailing service Uber faced a ban in Berlin on passenger safety grounds. That ban was suspended days later while the court in question rules on the legality of the move. But U

Germany’s Stunning World Cup Win Over Brazil Is The Most-Tweeted Sports Game Ever

For a long time yesterday, I couldn't see any tweet in my regular feed that wasn't in some way linked to the Germany/Brazil semifinal World Cup match – and apparently, I wasn't alone. The devastatin

Germany Unhappy With U.S. Over Allegations Of A Double Agent Assisting In Continued Spying

The U.S. got caught paying a German intelligence operative $34K to spy on the German group created to investigate the U.S.'s spying on Germany -- at least according to the most recent crop of embarras

Germany Nixing Verizon Contract Highlights Economic Impact Of US Spying

The German government announced it was pulling its contract with Verizon due to fears the Internet provider was allowing U.S. agencies to spy on the government’s communications, the Associated Press

Rocket Internet’s Carmudi, A Car Classifieds Site, Grabs $10M In New Funding To Expand In Asia

Carmudi, a car classified ads site backed by Rocket Internet, has raised $10 million to expand its operations in Asia. Investors include Tengelmann Ventures, the investment arm of the German retail gi

To-Do App Wunderlist Confirms $19M Series B And Expands To The US, While Sequoia Heads Into Germany

A couple of weeks ago, when TechCrunch was in Berlin, we sniffed out and <a href="

More Woe For Amazon In Germany As Antitrust Watchdog Investigates Its 3rd Party Pricing Practices

As <a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> starts to lay the groundwork for online holiday season sales, the e-commerce giant is also facing some fresh scrutiny from regulators in E

Germany Recognizes Bitcoin As “Private Money”, Sales Tax Coming Soon

After a parliamentary inquiry, Germany has clarified its position on Bitcoin . The federal ministry of finance recognized Bitcoins as “units of account” — the cryptocurrency is there

German Publishers Can’t Wean Themselves Off Google News, Despite Winning Copyright Law Change

Germany's new copyright law comes into force today but several major German publishers haven't rushed to pull their news snippets from Google News, despite lobbying in favour of tightening the law. On

Google Makes Google News In Germany Opt-In Only To Avoid Paying Fees Under New Copyright Law

<a target="_blank" href="">Google News in Germany</a> will soon change. Starting August 1, it will <a target="_blank" href="

Germany Passes New Internet Copyright Law After Watering It Down To Spare Google From Having To Pay

The German Bundestag passed an addendum to the country's copyright laws <a target="_blank" href="

Facebook Wins Court Challenge In Germany Against Its Real Names Policy

Facebook has won a court challenge against its real names policy in Germany. Yesterday an administrative court in the North of Germany granted Facebook's request for "suspensive effect" against a ruli
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