Location-Based Voice-Messaging App Startup Talkbits Raises $2 Million From Early Stage VC Firm Runa Capital

Talkbits, a Russian startup making a social-discovery voice-based mobile messaging app tied to where you're using it, has attracted $2 million in funding from Russia's Runa Capital early stage VC firm

Army Warns Of Danger Of Geotagging

While for an ordinary civilian the automatic geotagging of your photos or check-ins might be convenient, in the military it can be a lethal mistake. In 2007, geotagged photos of a new fleet of helicop

Applied Geotagging: Where Locals And Tourists Shoot Pictures

These maps, by Eric Fisher, are the result of interpreting geotagging data for Flickr photos taken in popular cities. Red dots mean tourist photos, blue dots mean locals. Personally I don’t see

JOBO announces updated two new photoGPS models

<img src="" /><a href="">Geotagging</a> is pretty popular these days, but for the most pa

SXSWi 2010: Stickybits. Real world bookmarking.

It’s funny how and where you will see an innovation. While attending a super-fun event hosted by The Barbarian Group here at SXSW, I ran into a guy named Matt Paul who is the lead developer of a

Eye-Fi and Apple, sittin' in a tree, u-p-l-o-a-d-ing

<img src="" alt="apple-page_12v" title="apple-page_12v" />I took some photos yesterday afternoon, and didn't get around to trying

Foolography Nikon add-ons geotag with ease

<img src="" />If you're one of the unlucky ones who happens to not have an embedded GPS unit in your Nikon DSLR, <a href="http://w

Geotate, DXG boast world's first geotagging camcorder

That up there is a photo of the world’s first—a modest claim—camcorder that has built-in geotagging. It’s the result of collaboration between Geotate and DXG, the former a geot

Nokia Photos 1.5 beta released, now with geotagging

A beta version of Nokia’s mobile media management software, Nokia Photos 1.5, has been released, complete with a visual overhaul and a handful of new features. The New Features: Picture/Video manage

iPhone 2.0 to use GPS data for geotagging

AppleInsider has found some screens of the new iPhone firmware asking for permission to use location data in Camera and Maps. The interface looks kind of kludgy right now — the language doesn&#8

Leopard to support geotagging

Overlooked in all the interface and launch hype swirling around Leopard is the fact that it has integrated geotagging. If your camera or camera phone supports geotagging (like Helio’s Ocean), th