• Patent Monkey: Cingular Cell Phone Geo-Finder Services

    . While there are many other players with location based technologies in this field, the fact that a carrier like Cingular has some innovations and is looking to add value to its new Apple relationship holds a bit of promise. With the growing geography + mobile, IM, blogging field developing with Twitter and, these technologies are also feeling quite timely for launch. Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Geographic Cell Messaging with SquareLoop

    This week, start up SquareLoop won 1st prize at CTIA for its geocasting technology beating out Lucent-Alcatel’s GMS. The company started out in 2005 when it received the rights to patented technologies from tech transfer organization, MITRE, that allow a message to be broadcast via an existing cell networks to users in a geographic area while also ensuring end-user privacy. Read More

  • GeoTagger: GPS Tagger For Photogs

    Jelbert, a group from the UK, knows that the only way to make vacation slide shows more boring, perhaps, is to include timestamps and GPS data along side photos. With the GeoTagger outfitted atop your camera via the flash shoe, not only will people be able to tell which beach you’re at, but exactly where on the beach, and at what time the photo was taken. OK, so it’s not really… Read More