How I navigated my pregnancy as a Series A founder

While the experience wildly varies from woman to woman, and there is no "correct" path to take, I want to share what worked for me while I was a pregnant founder and CEO.

Louis Bacon’s sunset ride may foretell ‘mechanized future’ of data-driven investing

Quants, passive investing and robots aren't necessarily better than humans at investing, but because they already traffic in digital data to do their work, they can show investors what they’re doing

Chestnut Hill George Review

The George by Chestnut Hill Sound is one of the more ambitious entries into the iPod accessory field. With the iPod dock on top of the unit, the George is similar in size to the I-Sonic or Bose Wave b

George: An Intelligent iPod Speaker Dock

We wrote about Chestnut Hill Sound’s George iPod speaker dock back at the beginning of the month. Our review unit arrived today, so we decided to pop the box open and take some shots. There are