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  • Getting Orwell Wrong

    Getting Orwell Wrong

    I was ready to come to Amazon’s defense (and I will, eventually). In their long letter to the writing community, they made some excellent points. They inflamed our passions, gave us historical context for our discontent, and then quoted none other than George Orwell on the disruptive nature of paperbacks and the need for evil publishers to crack down on upstart, low-priced alternatives. Read More

  • Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow. Crunch Network

    Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow.

    Let’s talk about doge, but first let’s talk about the late great David Foster Wallace, who thirteen years ago wrote a classic essay about modern English* entitled “Tense Present,” which, realistically, is better than anything I will ever write, so I should maybe just point you at it and end this post here. But I won’t. Not least because I strongly suspect that if… Read More