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Austin transplant Geoff Lewis wants to pop Silicon Valley’s ‘self-referential’ bubble

Austin has made headlines over the past year for a number of reasons: It’s home to Oracle’s new headquarters. Tesla is building a massive gigafactory in the Texas capital. And people, mostly tech

Vercel raises $102M Series C for its front-end development platform

Vercel, the company behind the popular open-source Next.js React framework, today announced that it has raised a $102 million Series C funding round led by Bedrock Capital. Existing investors Accel, C

Are you ready for the coming wave of VC down rounds?

Startups that paused fundraising are starting to get back into the game, but these are shaky economic times and most founders will be coming back to a different world altogether.

Doing deals through Zoom? These investors have some tips

“It’s not like I go to an event and I meet with people in my network. It’s more like, I saw a really cool post on ProductHunt and it doesn’t matter who did it, I just want to talk to the perso

Bedrock Capital raises $122M to fund startups that reject conventional wisdom

Most investors don’t like to admit that they’re chasing the latest buzzwords or fads or hot companies, but a new firm called Bedrock Capital says it’s on a mission to do the exact op

Geoff Lewis has left Founders Fund to start his own fund

Geoff Lewis has left Founders Fund, where he was partner, and is starting a venture fund of his own. This means he’ll no longer be working with Peter Thiel, directly anyway. Founders Fund will b

Topguest Hooks IHG, All-Star Investors [Video]

<img src="" alt="" />Earlier this month, investor <a href="">Jeff Clavier</a>