‘Reverse’ searches: The sneaky ways that police tap tech companies for your private data

Reverse searches cast a digital dragnet over a tech company's store of user data to catch the information that police are looking for.

A geofence warrant typo cast a location dragnet spanning two miles over San Francisco

Civil liberties advocates have long argued that “geofence” search warrants are unconstitutional for their ability to ensnare entirely innocent people who were nearby at the time a crime wa

Google moves to end geofence warrants, a surveillance problem it largely created

Google will soon allow users to store their location data on their devices rather than on Google’s servers, effectively ending a long-running surveillance practice that allowed police and law en

Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

<img src=""> Just as geo mobile services are taking off, the U.S. Patent Office has awarded an extremely broad patent on "Location-based