Coming Soon: 900GB Torrent Of (Mostly) Every Geocities Web Site Ever

<img src="" />“[W]ebsites and hosting services should not be ‘fads’ any more than forests and cities should be fads – they r

Honoring fallen comrades. GeoCities goes down.

<img src="">Today marks the death of an internet giant. One of the first, one of the best. Oh GeoCities. What would we

A GeoCities Tribute by TechCrunch readers

Last week we heard that silver-age internet legend GeoCities would be closing down forever. Although that’s no great loss in itself, it’s a bit like finding out the really crappy pizza pla

Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities

<img src="" width="215" height="150" /> Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Yahoo! is unceremoniously <a href="http://help.

Top Social Media Sites of 2008 (Facebook Still Rising)

<img src="" alt="" /> What were the top social media sites of 2008? ComScore came out with its worldwide traffic stats for Novembe