Genesis: German Men’s Watches By A Woman

<img src="">Genesis is not just a neat sounding word that someone thought would make for a good watch brand name. It is ra

Handheld Genesis system with 20 games for $50? Yes please

This thing, let’s be honest, is not the most elegantly designed handheld device. But seriously, it’s an all-in-one Genesis system with 20 games on it and a 2.4″ screen for $50. I hav

Nomad-like portable gaming machine plays Genesis cartridges

<img src="" alt="retro gen" />Remember the <a href="">Sega Nomad</a>? If you excitedly shot up out o

Quick Review: Gensoid Genesis Emulator for Android

Just when I thought I’d died and gone to heaven with the Nesoid NES Emulator for Android (see the review here), along comes a Genesis emulator from the same developer called Gensoid.If you have

Console plays NES and Genesis games, costs $50

<img src="" alt="GEN-X" />Hot damn, folks. If all the talk of newfangled gaming coming out of E3 this week has yo

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) console

<img src="">If you long for the days of the 16-bit loveliness known here in the states as Sega Genesis – or across the pond as Sega M

Vinyl collection of Sega Genesis themes

<img src="">Oh man, remember the “Ultimate Genesis Collection” for Xbox 360 and PS3 that’s supposed to be here soon? W

SEGA releasing 40-game ‘Ultimate Genesis Collection’ for PS3 and 360 early next year, will cost $30

You guys! SEGA will be releasing a title for the Xbox 360 and PS3 called “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” early next year for $30. The game will include 40 classic Genesis games, all upgrad

Current top 10 of Akihabara's most expensive retro games (photo report)

Here are the top 10 of the most expensive retro games currently sold in Tokyo’s Akihabara district (based on my research in about 10 stores). I took the picture above in the place I love the mos

Handheld Genesis thing looks like it might be as awesome as me, almost

So it’s the end of the year and I seem to be on a bit of a retro gaming kick, so I was stoked to find the AtGames Mega Drive Portable, a 20-in-1 handheld Sega Genesis device. Alex Kidd, Golden A

Gen-X Console: NES + Genesis = Retro-awesome

How come I don’t find things like this before Xmas? This is the Gen-X Dual station, likely the weirdest console I’ve ever met. It’s an NES and a Sega Genesis combined into one, but t

Monday Morning Happiness

See this? This is the sole reason why SEGA doesn’t make consoles anymore. It’s a fantastic tribute to video gaming in the nineties. Complete with some fatass standing in the background, th