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  • The MTM ‘Rad’ Watch Can Be Helpful In Fallout-Like Situations

    The MTM ‘Rad’ Watch Can Be Helpful In Fallout-Like Situations

    Whether you’re fighting mutant cyborg dogs in a hellish, post-apocalyptic wasteland or, more likely, dealing with potentially radioactive substances on a daily basis, the MTM ‘Rad’ watch may be the wrist droid you’re looking for. Read More

  • This Is A Giger Geiger Counter

    For your perusal: a Geiger counter made in the style of HR Giger. Why? Because this is the Internet and people do stuff for attention, that’s why. The creator, Steve D of Mad Art Lab, bought a real Geiger counter from Adafruit Industries and wrapped it up in plastic bones from a skeleton model. A coat of black paint and some creepy pipes and he had a complete Giger counter that looked like… Read More

  • Microsoft Programmer Builds Twitter-Enabled Geiger Counter With Netduino Plus

    Combining a Netduino Plus and a Geiger counter kit, a technical program manager at Microsoft named Fabien Royer created a tweeting radiation level monitor. Royer claims that his experience in France during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has made him a bit tense when it comes to matters of radiation poisoning and government transparency. According to Royer, the French government downplayed the… Read More