• GeForce 9800 GX2 crashes outside Area 51, photographed by HardOCP

    The only word that comes to mind is “impractical.” From every perspective, this video card is just ridiculous. It’s enormous for one thing, with two PCBs stuck together, and it looks like an matte black air conditioner for another. It’s essentially two 8800s in a native SLI setup, with a gig of RAM and 256 stream processors. For the layman, that basically means… Read More

  • Russian hackers are using their GPUs to crack Vista; everybody panic

    Russian hackers get more clever each year, this one being no exception. The Reds have come up with a way to use the mathematical power of GPUs, specifically Nvidia’s Geforce 8800. Using the parallel processing powers of the main logic in the board, the Russian dev team has come up with a way to crack Windows Vista password quickly using brute force and dictionary attacks. How fast? Up… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: 256MB GeForce 8600 GT PCI Express video card plus DX10 'Company of Heroes' for $99

    Looking for the right time to jump into the DirectX 10 game? Now might be your chance. has a DX10-compatible GeForce card bundled with the full version of Relic Entertainment’s popular Company of Heroes game for $99 after a $20 mail-in-rebate. The card itself is made by XFX (Pine Technology) and has 256MB of GDDR3 memory, uses a PCI Express slot, and has dual DVI inputs. Read More

  • Sub-$100 Nvidia GeForce 8400 to Launch June 19

    When it comes to discrete graphics cards it’s either feast or famine. You either spend five million on a super-duper card or your poke along in Civ IV with whatever Dell sent you when you bought your PC, knowing that you’ll never see the Legion’s armor in its full DX10 graphical glory. NVidia is introducting a sub-$100 GeForce 8400 next week that should change all that. The… Read More

  • MacBook Pro Redux

    The Apple Store is back up and we have on our hands something that I wish was available three months ago. As we speculated yesterday, a new MacBook Pro has joined the ranks of Apple’s high performance machines. The systems are now available in speeds up to 2.4GHz. Additionally, the 15-inch rig can now be equipped with a 7,200rpm 160GB hard drive. You may recall that the slower 5,400rpm… Read More

  • nVidia 8600 and 8500 GPUs Now Official: Still Rock PureVideo HD

    Graphics-card big-shot nVidia finally made its mid-range 8500 and 8600 cards official. They’re both essentially as powerful as the top-end 8800, but nVidia limited the number of shaders. Or, in English, the cards aren’t as powerful as its top-level cards. Big surprise. Prices aren’t too bad, however, with the 8600 GTS carries a $229 price tag and the 8500 dips all the way down… Read More

  • Vadim Releases Quad-Core PC With Dual GeForce 8800GTX Graphic Cards

    Let the battle of the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Quad-Core gaming PCs begin! Earlier today, we covered VoodooPCs brand new quad-core Omen. Now Vadim Computers has announced that it will also be releasing a PC gaming rig that features a quad-core Core 2 Duo Extreme PC. Not to be undermined by VoodooPC, the Vadim rig also features two spankin new GeForce 8800GTX graphic cards. Along with the… Read More

  • ATI Radeon X1950 XTX Looms

    On September 14, ATI will set loose its new flagship card. The Radeon X1950 XTX can purportedly outperform its nearest competitor, the GeForce 7950 GX2, in “extreme high definition” resolutions using only half the processors. It can be run individually, or paired with another x1950 XTX in Crossfire mode to deliver even more performance. From what I gather, the X1950 XTX uses… Read More