• Geesee Launches Cross Site Chat

    Slovakian startup Geesee launched its cross site chat service this week and I think it has a lot of potential. It’s an embedded chat service that lets users communicate across any number of web sites in common chat rooms organized by tags. In other words, you can use Geesee to chat about Web 2.0 or any other topic while you are on TechCrunch with people who are on other sites. You can… Read More

  • Geesee to offer cross-site chat by tag

    Geesee is an early stage startup from Slovakia that will combine topical web chat, tag search and widgets. If you’ve seen MeeboMe, imagine instead a widget that connects a network of web chat rooms organized by tags with access points across many blogs and web pages. Publishers who put a Geesee widget on their page would be facilitating real time communication about the topic of their… Read More