• Fanboy Email Newsletter GeekChicDaily Raises $1.5 Million

    GeekChicDaily, a daily email aimed at 18-34 year old men looking to feed their “inner geek,” has raised $1.5 million in new funding led by Revolution Studios Founder Joe Roth and investor Mike Slade with Gamespy founder Mark Surfas, EA and Activision veteran Kathy Vrabeck, Machinima Chairman/CEO Allen DeBevoise, Bob Pittman and Andrew Russell participating in the round. This brings… Read More

  • Leaked Pic: The Full Line Of Angry Birds Plush Toys

    We are somewhat obsessed here with the iPad game Angry Birds (and really, who isn’t?). When we first caught wind that the Finnish company behind the game, Rovio, will be branching out into movies and plush toys, we were intrigued. When we obtained photographic evidence of one of these toys, we were ecstatic. (Not ecstatic, but pretty excited nonetheless). Now… Read More

  • Bob Pittman Plunks Some Cash Into Fanboy Newsletter GeekChicDaily

    The email newsletter may seem like an anachronism in this age of Web media, but the inbox persists as a favorite filtering mechanism for millions of readers. It’s a niche media model that is proving itself with email newsletters such as DailyCandy, Thrillist, and Tasting Table. Former MTV and AOL exec Bob Pittman is a man who has invested in all three of these, and is now plunking… Read More