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  • Our own Devin "Heavenly" Coldewey is Geek Sugar's Geek We Love for Valentine's day

    [photopress:devin_1.preview.jpg,full,center] That’s right, ladies, he’s single. And guys, go for it. He is from Seattle after all. That being said, right now he’s in India, so he can’t enjoy the praise. This makes two of our guys members of Geek Sugar’s “Geeks We Love” club in the last six months or so (they snagged Peter a couple months ago). I can… Read More

  • 3 girls 1 MacBook Air I know our recent poll shows you guys hate MBA posts, but I just had to do this one. There’s something highly erotic about three hot and geeky girls fondling the latest gadget to hit the masses. Sure, I like Apple products as much as the other fanboy, but the MBA isn’t for me. Maybe it’s the music that’s getting me all frisky, but this is hot. Read More